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We received a ton of comments and email telling me your thoughts on why I'm wrong about wanting to hold onto Andrew Miller. If you aren't familiar with that piece, be sure to read I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE MILLER RUMORS... so you can get up to speed with my position on Miller.

Anyway, because we're cool here at BYB and believe that all voices should be heard, we wanted to share some of the pretty great opinions on all the Miller rumors.  Enjoy this, and to all of you that wrote us, thank you! We appreciate the dialog very much.  Now go Buy a BYB shirt.

Check this out folks.

Mister D wrote:

"Miller's value is insanely high right now. He's relatively cheap. Controllable for 2 more seasons, and very, very good. The Yankees also don't need to trade him, which gives them great leverage in negotiations. Many teams in the hunt right now are ones that have not won a World Series in several generations (if ever). I don't think you can let the current streak delude you into a false sense of hope.

This is still a team with, at best, a 5% chance to make it to the ALDS. It is not a particularly good team, and next year is likely to be worse. We could trade Miller next year, but he'd be another year older, with one year less control, and who knows if he stays as good or healthy. The soonest this team could be a solid contender - not just a fingers-crossed Wild Card hopeful- is 2018 or 2019. 

I would rather get young players with an eye towards that target than keep the older vets, no matter how much I may like them (I've advocated trading Gardner for the past 3 years, and he's been my favorite Yankee since Bernie retired). At this point I would be trying to move everyone who is unlikely to help beyond 2018 - including McCann and Tanaka.  Heck, I'd even be open to selling Betances if the offer was right. A good bullpen is important but takes a back seat to a good lineup and rotation."

Tony wrote:

Mike wrote:

"I agree 100%. I don't trade anyone else unless it's minor leaguers for Chris Sale...Too many fans equate prospects with dynasty,which is delusional. Jesus Montero was supposed to be a sure thing and look where he is now. All the prospects could turn out to be Monteros,or Brien Taylor even."

(In Photo: Brien Taylor)
lionheart2211 wrote:

"I think that it is the common belief, that Miller is not going anywhere. If you trade him, likely with one or no years left on the contract so you've gotten some use out of him and still get some value back as he's diminishing and could possibly leave via FA. 

Unfortunately, I think Beltran is staying too, we could lose him at years, end for nothing. I hear there is not much demand for Beltran, Cashman will need a good haul, both present MLB players and prospects to give up one of his two quality hitters and pass Hank."

Travis wrote:

"A hot streak is no reason to ignore the fact that this isn't a Championship caliber team. If we can get 2-3 upper tier prospects, or even a major league ready piece it would be the smart thing to do in order to load up for 2017. We could always re-sign Chapman in the off season to join Betances in the bullpen."

Terrific comments. Smart, thorough, and great and I appreciate it very much here at BYB.  Now who knows what will happen with Miller.  I honestly don't want to see him go, but maybe some of these comments changed my mind. I need a day or 2 to think about it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this.

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