Sunday, July 17, 2016


All summer, my son has been saying, "Who are these guys playing in Yankee uniforms?  They are not the Yankees I grew up watching."  And arguably, he's right.  Born in 1997, my son has not seen a drought like this.  Now, we have.  I mean the 80s were painful.  We saw this and more.  But, honestly, I am not sure it hurt this bad.  And the Boss would never, ever put up with this.  So, it is time.  If you rebuild the team...they will win.  And if not, you will continue to have this crap spread out all over the YES Network, FOX Sports and every American League ball park across the United States.

Earlier this week, BYB writer Dan Lucia said it best with his piece, MAKE YANKEES FUN AGAIN.  It's not fun losing to the Red Sox....ever.  But, it hurts more now, than I can remember.  Maybe as 2016 Yankee fans, we are just getting used to losing.  But this time our General Manager doesn't want to tolerate it anymore, "Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York says that they are the only two people in the organization who don’t want to sell at the deadline and rebuild while Brian Cashman and the baseball operations folks do, reports NBC Sports:

"According to a baseball source who spoke to ESPN on condition of anonymity, the opposing factions are composed of the baseball operations people, led by general manager Brian Cashman, who believe the team should sell off its assets and plan for the future, and the business side, which is led by owner Hal Steinbrenner and team president Randy Levine, who hold to the belief that the club is still in contention."

So unlike George Steinbrenner, Hal and Hank's father, and arguably the father of the modern day Yankees, H and H think we can contend this year.  And they want to "hold onto" everyone.  WHHHATTT?  Are they serious?  And am I actually agreeing with Cashman for once in my life?  That's almost like I am agreeing with Joe Buck, which you folks know by now, will NEVER happen.  Clearly, after the piece this past week, THERE IS NO WAY PAPI IS MORE BELOVED THAN JETER, which had close to 1,000 reads by fans, there is no way I would ever agree with Joe Buck.  But, today, I am agreeing with his closest kin in my baseball book of people I love to hate.

"We're not going to be a seller unless ownership green-lights that. I'll have an honest dialogue with ownership every step of the way as I always do. If we feel at a date in the future that that's a necessity, then trust me, I'll recommend it, and they'll make a decision based on their comfort level. I'm always a brutally honest person," Cashman said as reported by ESPN this week.  

The baseball source referenced in Wallace's post stated that guys like Jacoby Ellsbury and Brian McCann, along with Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and don't hurt the messenger, Dellin Betances, could all go if green lighted.  In addition, Mark Teixeira, Nathan Eovaldi, Ivan Nova and Carlos Beltran would also be moved out to a contending set of teams.  I read earlier this week that the Pittsburgh Pirates continued to be interested in Eovaldi, who first captured their interest back when he was a Marlin.  

So, not only are we seeing blood splatter on the field figuratively as loss after loss to teams, particularly those in our division continue to occur, now we are hearing the clear dissension between the boss boys and Cashman.  It does sound more like a movie  a Field of Dreams movie of ghosts, of yesteryear, wanting to come out of the cornfields to be who they were to fans years ago than the Yankees of today, who are nothing, no bodies, has-beens.  

Who are these guys masquerading as the Yankees?  Let's get rid of them and rebuild.  Hal, let Cashman be a general manager and stop directing this crazy, delirious movie.  Your Field of Dreams screenplay is over.  Time for Cashman to take over.  Drop the mic. Scene out.

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