Sunday, July 24, 2016


At 12:33 I was at my son's baseball game in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  By 1:35pm, I was in the Bronx watching today's Yankee / Giants game in literally a last moment decision to take some tickets from my buddy who happened to live in Fort Lee, but could not go to the game. 

He showed up at our field, handed me the tickets, 'Go have fun' was yelled out, and just like that, I pulled my son from his game, and we headed to the Bronx.  Crazy... absolutely crazy, but the timing was right, and my kid seemed kind of psyched.

We showed up late and got up to speed on the game when we arrived.  It was nice that Carlos Beltran cranked it out today.  It was nicer to see Mark Teixeira crank out a solo shot. But as I wrote on Twitter...
I'm mean. I know it. I'm sorry.  I just feel like Mark's time in the Bronx is up.  My son was quick to remind me to be nice, and "Tex did some good things, and he's still good defensively."  OK, OK... I toned it down, but my tweet was out there, what could I do at this point?

Eovaldi pitched and looked good.  But all I kept hearing from the guy next to me was how it will be his last start in pinstripes, and "Beltran's gone too."  I find that crap annoying.  I just came to watch a game have a few beers and get out of there.  I don't need the bull... it's freaking hot.

The Yankees were up 5-0, but when Chad Green came in, he gave up 2 on a Buster Posey liner up the right field line.  Look, I didn't for a second think the Yankees were going to lose, and my son's a big Posey fan, so that was special, but for the love of God what is it about Green that the Yankees love? I cannot put my finger on it.
Now yes, he got his first career save today.  He helped execute a terrific double play when we needed it most... but as I told this guy... I'm still not there as a Green fan yet.  That's on me... sorry.

On the Jersey side, we didn't miss much.  My boy's team continued to stomp on their opponent and my kid's team got the win.  Pulling him, while unlike anything we've ever done before, was worth it today though. The Yankees are beating very good teams lately.

You gotta wonder what Cashman and the honchos are thinking leading up to the Trade Deadline.

Final: Yankees 5 - Giants 2

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