Thursday, June 9, 2016


The Yankees won and now it appears to be 3 in a row.  But can we stop getting overly excited like we're the new John Sterling?  I think I saw "Parm does Harm" on Twitter or Facebook last night and vomited in my mouth.  Chris Parmelee did well last night, but this wasn't the World Series.  The Yankees played the Angels, hardly a powerhouse these days.  This is what is expected from the New York Yankees. Yes, we should ALL be excited and I'm not different, but 3 in a row, while a winning streak, isn't good enough... we need to keep rolling folks. Sterling makes the corny calls... let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Yankee pitching did decent last night.  Yankee hitting was fantastic! They appeared to understand the fundamentals of hitting and run scoring and did what they needed to do.  Thank God.

Jacoby Ellsbury 2-3, Brett Gardner 3-5, Carlos Beltran 3-4.  That's your first 3 hitters in the lineup folks and there were doubles and homers involved.  Chris Parmelee, 3-5 and you know what? He struck out twice too, and he still managed to do big things.  Good for him.

Nathan Eovaldi went 5.1 and gave up 10 hits and 5 runs and struck out 4.  Not his best outing, but here's the key... HE KEPT THE TEAM IN THE GAME. He didn't lose control of the Angels,and when the pen came in, it was only Nick Goody who gave up another run.  Anthony Swarzak got the win in this one because the Yankee comeback came in the 6th.

Ultimately, the Yankees appeared to break out, and this is good, but we have another one against the Angels today, and how sweet would it be to get the sweep. Not only will it give the Yankees confidence, the Yankee fan base can start to relax a bit.

Nice win boys... keep going!

Final: Yankees 12 - Angels 6

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