Friday, June 3, 2016


Sometimes when a player gets hurt way too much, it really doesn't matter what type of achievements he had in his entire career.  Fans just kind of give up. And that's where we're at with Yankees' first baseman Mark Teixeira, or at least I am.

It's being reported by that Mark is now out with an "apparent knee injury".

AJ Herrmann writes: "Mark Teixeira pulled himself out of Friday night's game with an apparent knee injury prior to the third inning.

With Dustin Ackley out for the year and no other backup options at first base, Rob Refsnyder took over for the veteran infielder and 2015 All-Star from the third inning on.

Depending on the severity of Teixeira's injury, which currently remains uncertain, the Yankees may be forced to call up a first baseman from Triple-A with their two options being Chris Parmelee and Nick Swisher."

Now the title of this post seems cruel, but is it really? I mean this whole week it's been brutal to watch Tex. No wait, not even this week... for a while now, the guy just keeps getting hurt and missing more time than he actually plays. It's nuts.  Now maybe his knee had something to do with him sucking lately, who knows, but as I've stated, when injury keeps happening for a guy that's supposed to perform at a top level... you kind of turn your back on him.
That's kind of where I'm at, and I wrote that on March 31st.

When we know more about Porcelain, we'll tell you.

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