Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I'm personally done with Mark Teixeira.  I know there are Tex fans out there and I would never blast you for that. I understand and respect fandom fully.  He's just not my guy, that's it.

We all know Tex is on the 15 day DL, which in turn will most likely become more time off because of injury, but we at BYB just want to update you on that knee injury.

According to ESPN:

"Mark Teixeira will not have surgery to repair the torn cartilage in his right knee, though he may ultimately need it. The club is hoping that by pursuing a course of treatment and rehab, he could return in three weeks..."

Girardi said: "Our goal is to try to get him baseball-ready in three weeks to see where we're at...When I say baseball-ready, that would mean that he would be ready to play in a game somewhere. Could it go faster? I guess. Could it go slower? I guess. But that's our goal."

But I gotta tell you, at this point, why bother trying to get him back on the field? Everyone is loving Rob Refsnyder at first. He's hitting, he's young, he's the perfect situation to be in right now and old man Tex is hurt, so go get the surgery instead of coming back in a month and no doubt continuing to suck and probably getting hurt again.  Did I mention I was kind of over this guy?

Anyway, look. This is just to update you on Tex, not sway you to hate him.  He's a good ballplayer, but with age comes injury and the guy is literally plagued with it all the time these days.  He's porcelain for crying out loud, always breaking, very delicate.  After a while, you gotta move on.

Stay tuned.

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