Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Arm injuries happen quite often in sports these days. It seems that Tommy John surgery is constant and folks like Ty Hensley has now gone under the knife twice, and he's not even in the major leagues yet. A lot has to do with the strength of a players core, and the way the ball is thrown, the mechanics.  Plus, in the business I'm in, coaching kids, many coaches out there don't care how many pitches their young players throw, just as long as they can throw strikes... it's pretty disgusting, but this is the culture we are now in.

BYB has dedicated a series to saving arms and you should read them:



There will be a 3rd part of that series tomorrow, so be sure to look for it. BYB writer Dan Lucia is also a coach and is all in with leading experts to come up with a conversation about this topic.

But that brings me to James Kaprielian, a young Yankee pitching stud who still has elbow discomfort.  This led him to possibly being out for the rest of the season.  Now, I'm not saying the dude's gonna need Tommy John. Don't misunderstand me. All I'm saying is, it's likely that's the direction he's going. It's an educated guess, but based on all the kids that have gone under the knife over the last few years, you just never know anymore. It's nuts.

Bryan Hoch writes:

"Kaprielian, currently on the Minor League disabled list, has been experiencing recurring discomfort in his pitching elbow. He was examined by Yankees team physician Christopher Ahmad at New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Tuesday.

'His ligament is fine, it's the flexor muscle that he injured while he was coming back,' Yankees manager Joe Girardi said after the club's 7-1 loss to the Rangers. 'Both times that he's had the MRIs, we've been told the ligament is fine. Some people think the flexor can be a precursor [to Tommy John surgery]. I haven't figured this thing out. It happens so often in this game. I just haven't figured it out. I hope not and I hope he gets better.'"

Look,  we wish Kap well.  No one wants to see guys like Kap and Ty Hensley healthy and throwing again for the New York Yankees more than I.  Sometimes things happen, but we just gotta hope that with the right care and rest, these players recover.

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