Monday, June 27, 2016


I like the power of optimism. I am definitely a "the glass is half full" kind of gal versus looking at it being half gone. I feed off of positivity and I am drawn to that energy. So I should be excited about Mark Teixeira says he is feeling pretty good but I think that hopeful side of me has been sucked dry. I know his particular song and dance all too well.

I think the New York Post nailed the headline in their last piece about Tex, you can find that HERE. It is brutal honesty. He has no idea. If this was last season Tex would not have returned to the lineup on Saturday and this is something I am 1000% sure of. He would've sat out for a little while longer, figured out the knee was still not right and then had season ending surgery and focused on next season. But no, money talks and his future lays in the balance.

I want that future to be bright for him. He won't be here next year and while it sucks to think about my favorite player leaving to wear some other uniform but I know that everything comes to and end at some point. I knew the end was coming, but I am still not okay with watching it end so unhappily ever after. I gave myself a pep talk at the end of last season that I was at least going to get one more good season....and now I just feel cheated quite honestly.

I've been the only Tex supporter on this Yankee website, and that is a fact. I was looking forward to writing about the grand finale, and saying goodbye, good luck and thanks for all of the memories. Right now though, this is no grand finale. It's hard to watch Tex go out there and no that he is not playing healthy and he's having a bad enough season as it is. It's one thing to play through an injury and still be productive.....but that's not the case here. Its a struggle. It's an overwhelming challenge just to hold on. I don't want to watch him go out like that!

This is a bad chapter in a book right now. He's out there playing for that new opportunity for next season because he's not ready to retire. I admire and respect that. But this is not the way to do it and Tex not being able to sound more confident in his health right now is scary. As soon as he struggles it going to come down to his bum knee. It will be the "I told you so" of media coverage.

Should Ike Davis clear waivers and accept his assignment to AAA he is inevitably going to be recalled in a few weeks and then people will say "SEE I TOLD YOU SO....we needed to keep him" and that will come regardless of if Davis sucks or not.

And similarly, Joe Girardi will now have to find a way to keep Rob Refsnyder and his ht bat in the lineup. In the event that he starts to skid it will also turn into a "I told you so" moment. There's just no great answer here.

I really hope that Tex can be a productive hitter and stay healthy. Otherwise, we are doing more harm than good to the team just to find a way for a broken down player to get on the daily lineup and be unsuccessful. I continue to put my faith in the plan....but even I am wavering at this point.
I am starting to think Mike O'Hara poisoned my Kool-Aid.

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
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