Monday, June 27, 2016


Let the rumor season begin!

Are the Yankees sellers? Randy Levine was pretty much being a bitch attacking the media for suggesting it, but this is the reality we're in.  For the Yankees to not trade a few higher level players would make sense.  No idea if they'll do it, but it's logical.

We also reported this morning that the Yankees may be interested in re-signing Aroldis Chapman. Read YANKS MAY RESIGN CHAPMAN AFTER ALL for more on that.

Now comes an ESPN story by Isaac Chipps stating that the Cubs are looking at our 3 headed monster:

"According to George A. King III of the New York Post, a trio of Cubs scouts were at Yankee Stadium this past weekend watching Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman.
Although the Cubs bullpen has compiled the fourth-best aggregate ERA in the National League, the team is looking to potentially add more arms before the deadline. 

According to King, the Yankees will be open to hearing offers for the three relievers and ultimately hope to create a bidding war between the Cubs, Washington Nationals and Texas Rangers."

Yes, originally reported by King of the post, but with a  name like Isaac Chipps, I had to give him a shout out. If I ever decided I wanted to be a high stakes poker player... Isaac Chipps would be my name. Anyway... I'm off topic...

But it's not only the Cubs that are looking at our relievers, it's being reported that the Marlins are looking at Chapman as well. writes:

"Whoever would have thought the Miami Marlins ever would be having internal conversations about making a play for a Yankees star for a trade-deadline deal? Crazy, but true. 

The Marlins, currently contending in the NL East and for a wild card playoff spot under first-year manager Don Mattingly, would like to upgrade their bullpen before the Aug. 1 trade deadline and Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman apparently is on their radar.

Buster Olney of reported that the Marlins' front office has discussed trying to swing a deal for Chapman or San Diego Padres closer Fernando Rodney."

Look, all of this is interesting, and I'm merely putting it out to all of you so you're in the loop.  It's June 27th... I'm not getting to crazy about any of this stuff yet... the deadline's a month away. Let's just see if the Yankees can get some wins and get a winning streak going, because if they do, we're not talking about this in July... we're talking about a few big pieces for us, NOT selling everyone away.

Stay tuned...

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