Thursday, June 2, 2016


The Yankees continue to plummet in the standings following yet another loss to division rival the Toronto Blue Jays.  The reason is of course no offense.  Sure, pitching is not stellar but their offense is just simply lifeless.  According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN, "The Yankees' embarrassing offensive performance continues. Over the past four games, they have now scored a total of five runs. Their latest pitiful performance came on Wednesday night when they were shutout by the Blue Jays' Aaron Sanchez and three relievers in a 7-0 loss. Toronto swept the Yankees." Terrible, just terrible.

So with our bats silent again, stranded base runners and the worst team batting average in the American League at .231, what can we do?  I mean it isn't fair to put all this pressure to win ball games on pitchers.  With the rate we are going, our pitchers can't afford to make even one mistake. And that is simply ridiculous.

According to the New York Daily News, "Joe Girardi has said he plans to go to his Big Three relievers 99% of the time late in close games."  Okay, that's great, Joe, but what are we doing about getting some hits.  I will tell you what.  I would bench them, send them down to Triple A and bring in some young blood right now.  Here we are just the first week of June and we are playing like this? There is just no excitement.  No sparks.  No fireworks and quite frankly it's depressing.

We can't talk about bad offense without ignoring the elephant in the room.  "The New York Yankees entered this season over reliant on Rodriguez, which created a situation ripe for issues. Seeing as he only DHs and has hit .180 in his past 75 games, he should be, at most, a four- or five-day-a-week player," reported Marchand yesterday.

So what is the solution? What do we do to shake things up?  I don't know.  And honestly, Joe Girardi doesn't have any idea either.  He says he is frustrated with the lack of offense, but that's all.  Are we stuck?  Are we just going to tread water all summer? Maybe I just have mid-week blues, but as long as the bats remain silent, our pitchers can't get the runs to back them up and we simply will not win.  I like what YES's Jack Curry said after the game.  The Yankee hitters need to keep grinding and make adjustments so they can hit off pitchers.  They just are not doing that and unless they get hungry for hits and keep grinding, our bats will remain silent for a long time.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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