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I apologize for the delay today here at BYB.  I'm human, and I get migranes from time to time, usually about once a year.  Early this morning I got my yearly and it literally killed me.  As I write this, I am in a dark room and the screen light still bothers me... but I'm slowly coming out of it.  Thank you Excedrin for Migrane. You are my lifesaver.

There is reason to celebrate this morning Yankee fans. The Yankees swept the Angels, but more importantly, we're at .500 which is extremely wonderful.  What this means is the Yankees have confidence, and a winning streak is alive. Plus, we play on and we play with authority now.

Ivan Nova is 5-3, which is terrific, the Yankee bats are working and even though Chris Parmelee is hurt with a hammy and no doubt headed to the DL... something significant has happened;

Joe Girardi said Rob Refsnyder will be the Yankees first baseman as of right this second. And Ref is comfortable with that. After all, we are still waiting on Mark Teixeira... and we'll keep waiting, no question about that.  And the other thing is Nick Swisher will most likely NOT be called up, which would ultimately end his bid with the New York Yankees.  His opt-out deadline is fast approaching.

And that brings me back to Ref. This post is not about last night's recap at all.  In fact, it's about earning spots and earning your keep... oh, and hard work.  That's what I'm using this space for today.

I was taken by the fact that Girardi acknowledged that Refsnyder would be the first baseman.  He earned the spot.  The kid's been hitting, he's working his tail off and he's doing whatever the Yankees want him to do.  In essence, he's a good soldier for doing his duty, and I appreciate the fact that youth was actually rewarded here.

Sure, it's easy to bring up Nick Swisher. But to reward him for just having a long career in the MLB isn't the way this should have gone down. Plus, it would means more contract money and too much fanfare and "celebrity" attached to him.  And the Yankees, while they love selling merchandise, have taken a new approach.  They're playing the new kid, the young, energetic "go-getter" and in this day and age, that's an important message.

I've told you about my own son who's played baseball since the age of 3. Never a superstar but a very hard worker and slightly above average player for years.  Well... last season he became that superstar and it was evident that managers NEEDED to play him and NEEDED to put him in the lineup.  He, on his own, worked his tail off, and after all the years of me telling him he'd get his... he finally did.

You'd like to think that that's the way it's supposed to work in this world, but sadly, it doesn't.  There are usually back room deals and handshakes and "I'll play your kid because you're a sponsor", even though that kid is not very talented... and often times that sick and demented mentality translates to adulthood.  That's corruption, that bad favors and that's a bunch of crap.

Seeing the youngster Rob Refsnyder get the nod allowed me to think about my own kid and his journey and the willingness to do whatever it took to keep on his team and contribute any way, any time called upon.  Many times these days hard work doesn't matter and that's sick.  Luckily for my own son, for Rob Refsnyder, there were enough people with their eyes opened who saw raw heart and confidence to conquer everything in front of them.

I don't even know what I got on this rant.  I think I'm just happy.  I was happy to see that corporate B.S. took a backseat and Ref got the role he deserved, even though he's 'not' a first baseman... even though he's young and has less experience.  The Yankees are taking a chance, and Ref forced that chance.  I applaud it very much.

And this is not a anti-Swisher piece.  Do NOT misunderstand me.  I'm an old school guy with values that are very important to me.  I like apple pie, the American Flag and I like what hard work earns you in life.  My son is a symbol of that. So is Rob Refsnyder, and I'm happy that in this crazy world of corruption, favors and bullshit, smart people DO understand that hard work needs to exist in this sport to better a ball club.

Sorry... had to get that off my chest.  Enjoy your Friday and thanks for your time.

Go Yanks, Go Refsnyder... spot well earned!

Final: Yankees 6 - Angels 3

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