Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Well, this is a great shot, isn't it?

This is Suzie Pinstripe who, after she threw on her BYB Sports Performance Tee, ran 8 miles to train!

Why you ask? Well, she's a runner and that has been long established here on BYB.  But more importantly, she's training for an upcoming event.  It's the Spring Lake Five Mile Run and it's this Saturday. Nearly 20,000 runners will be there and you will see Suzie there wearing here BYB sports performance shirt!  Go meet her at the finish line!!

Here's the link if you want more information about the Spring Lake Five Mile Run.  Click and read.

Also, if you get the urge, take a second and click on the BYB Store and buy a BYB shirt or tank.  Click! All prices are discounted and lower than our competition's merchandise!  Support BYB... buy some stuff! 

After all... you asked for it!

And wish Suzie Pinstripe good luck this weekend! It's a big event. Even better now that she'll be running in Bleeding Yankee Blue apparel!

Yay Suzie! She is on Twitter at @suzieprof. Let her know you're behind her.

Good luck!

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