Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I didn't expect much, and I was right.

Chad Green took the mound last night for the New York Yankees.  Whatever man... we weren't gonna see Cy Young last night... it was a filler spot and we were just hoping for a win.  We didn't get one, life goes on.

Green went 4 innings, gave up 8 hits and 6 runs.  Then came the other cast of middle relief characters.  Goody, Mullee and Phil Coke gave up the other 6 runs. 

Ultimately, the DBacks tee'd off on the Yankee pitching.  Meanwhile the Yankees only scored 2 runs on 8 hits.  In Arizona... it was kind of a disaster.

Again, I expected nothing from our pitching last night.  I think the Yankees needed to fill a hole and did it, and if there was success.... we live another day.  If not, this was the outcome.  The outcome was ugly.

Final: Diamondback 12 - Yankees 2


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