Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I've never been a big fan of Jose Bautista.  I've always been suspicious of the guy.  I never understood how a guy could rarely hit home runs with the Pittsburgh Pirates can suddenly show up in Toronto and in 2010, and crank out 54. 

Meanwhile before that 54, his highest home run season was 2006 with 16.  Whatever man, I guess it's just hard for me to understand.

We all know about the Bautista bat flip.  While the adrenaline was huge for that game against the Rangers last year in the playoffs... it almost seemed like for a veteran... he needed to act like he'd been there before.  I wasn't mad... I didn't even write about it extensively here on BYB... I just thought it was alittle over the top but I was willing to move on.

Now comes the Rougned Odor shot to Bautista's face the other day.  We at BYB didn't write much about it again, because, it's Bautista and I don't often like to give the guy much coverage on BYB.  But I just want to say one thing and then we'll move on from that as well...

It was clear to me, as Odor and Bautista are exchanging words and pushing each other that Bautista overplayed his coverage.  In other words, he played himself.  Sometimes players say nothing when other players prance around like they're all that. But they keep it in the back of their minds.  Clearly the bat flip was fresh on the minds of the Rangers.  Clearly, Odor and the Rangers were looking for something that would make them snap when it came to Bautista.  Clearly Bautista's ego got the better of him and he just didn't think he could be touched or something.

Now... while I don't violence, I'd be foolish to ignore the fact that I loved that shot to Bautista's face.  He had it coming.  More importantly he played himself and Odor reminded him of that.

There's a new rivalry in the AL, and it's the Rangers vs. the Blue Jays.  It's appointment TV folks and I may order the Directv package to get all those games... because while fighting isn't the answer... sometimes you need to remind people that they played themselves.

Bautista did... and that shot was glorious.

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  1. Somtimes, a being a butt, draws too much attention, to the face.


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