Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Great story by Anthony Rieber at Newsday and it has everything to do with Chase Headley, Jacoby Ellsbury and some of the most ridiculous contracts the Yankees have ever signed when it comes to those players.  Bottom line, Chase and Jacoby are not living up to what the Yankees are paying them... and that's bad!

"It’s Year Three of the seven-year, $153-million Ellsbury contract...Ellsbury came from Boston with a reputation for being somewhat brittle, but also for being a dynamic player when healthy. He has lived up to the first part. The dynamism hasn’t been as easy to spot in the now 32-year-old...

Headley, who was benched on Sunday — sorry, “rested” — returned and went 2-for-4 to raise his average to .200.

 Headley and Ellsbury have a couple of things in common. The first is their contracts: Think the Yankees would like a do-over on Ellsbury’s deal? How about the decision to re-sign Headley to a four-year, $50-million contract after the 2014 season? 

The second is both players have power seasons on their resumes that are complete outliers. In 2011, Ellsbury hit 32 homers for the Red Sox. In his seven other seasons since becoming a regular in 2008, he has averaged 7½. Headley hit 31 homers and led the NL with 115 RBIs in 2012 with San Diego. He’s never hit more than 13 homers in any other season."

Great points and now what?

Now it appears  that neither player is doing very much in Yankeeland, but based on those numbers, they really weren't supposed to... we overpaid!

And I have news for you... I'll go further.  Joe Girardi babies his players.  He rests guys too much based on past injury or worry that they're 'tired'.  This is a former catcher mind you, a guy who had to play hard every single day, but now it appears that he's allowing guys to get soft.  I don't like it and I certainly do not like that Ellsbury contract.  And trust me, the Headley one is starting to annoy me too.
Anyway, I wanted to bring that piece to your attention.  It was a good one and it's eye opening.

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