Friday, April 22, 2016


When BYB writer Erica Morales gets excited... so do it.   This is what she Tweeted tonight after a Yankee win.
Now before tonight, the Yankees lost 7 of 8 and were awful. Which is why I wrote THE YANKEES SUCK!  I got heat for that piece, but the reality is I am not going to fake it.  If the Yankees are horrible, I'm going to tell you exactly why.  Now people got on my ass because I used the F--- word. I used it for effect. I used it because I'm a frustrated fan that just wants my Yankees to win.  Sorry.  Once I ranted... I was kind of over it anyway.

CC Sabathia started and went 4.2 innings, gave up 9 hits and 3 runs.  He did not get the win, Ivan Nova did, and here's the breakdown of how that happened:

In the Bottom of the second, with the Yanks down 2-0, Brian McCann homered to tie it up. In the 4th, the Rays were up 3-2 and then with the pitching change, Nova came in and things started to happen.

In the 5th, Jacoby Ellsbury stole home with Brett Gardner up to bat.  Now... if there was ever an obvious communication between player and blog, it was tonight, because Jacoby and Kelsey Ellsbury clearly snuggle up together and read BYB and they did NOT like what we've been writing about Jacoby.  Well, I'm sorry, but good for Jacoby! What a great play!

After that, the Yankees ended up winning 6-3.  Miller got save 4.

So, it's been a rough few days, but the Yankees had a Christmas Miracle... in April... or something.  It was great!  I'm glad we're back!

Final: Yankees 6 - Rays 3

So how my mood changes when we win? I'm happy again, and clearly Erica is too.

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