Friday, April 15, 2016


So the first shipment of the 2016 #BYB shirts arrived last week and I'm just getting around to promoting them on Bleeding Yankee Blue today officially.  It seems crazy, but it's true.  My life is insanely busy lately.  The kids are growing up. I'm on a baseball field 5 nights a week and then all weekend. You can't make that up.  Anyway...I appreciate your patience... Here they are. 

I personally dig them just because they have the signature BYB on the front breast (hee, hee... I said breast) and was wrapped around it. 

On the back, the world famous #28, the number the Yankees need to hit this season to get 28 championships.  And my name at the top. 

One of my friends told me that this would be a unique way to promote Bleeding Yankee Blue this season.  I'm not the kind of guy that talks too much smack about myself and what not, but I am proud of the #BYB product as a whole. I love my writers, I love what we do here and so yeah, It was a nice idea to at least have my name on the shirt for the 2016 season.  I hope you can appreciate that and don't think of me as arrogant.  That's not me.

You can buy this shirt by CLICKING HERE, and I really hope you do.  Our shirts are $5 cheaper than what other websites are selling their shirts for in the Yankee blog world.  That's because I am not interested in making profit. I am interested in making sure you're happy.  You will not get a T-shirt from Yankee bloggers for cheaper than $15.99.  So, today's pay day... dive in to the #BYB store and buy a shirt. 

We will also have this design on a white shirt.  The shirt is NOT cotton but more of an athletic dry-fit type material.  

The design really pops off the shirt and we should have these in about 2 weeks, I promise. The shirt material is comfortable and the design is inspired by some of my favorite recent Yankees.  Matsui, Posada, Ichiro, Tanaka, Pettitte and of course Jeter.

Tanks are on order, but I don't have them in house yet. A lot of demand for mediums! I promise they are coming. A lot of the ladies love these tanks and to date, it is the most popular piece of merchandise we have at BYB. 

I like our BYB women in our BYB Tanks... they look hot as hell.

Look, I'm a regular guy with a regular life that stepped into this gig.  I like to write, as do my writers, and so, we made a product that people love. Now we're selling merchandise... something people asked for.  I will hope you take the time to check out our apparel and buy it. It comes out of my own pocket.  But I'm doing it because you loyal readers asked for it... and so, I'm a doer, here it is!

CLICK HERE to buy and once we get the other shirts in, we will put them in the BYB store too... I promise.

Thanks for your loyalty.  Thanks for reading BYB.  You guys are great!

Thank you for your loyalty to Bleeding Yankee Blue.
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