Friday, March 25, 2016


Nice little nugget about A's pitcher Sonny Gray.

Let's assume the Yankees will be in the thick of it at the trade deadline.  Let's assume the Yankees pitching is not spectacular, but getting by like we typically do.  Let's assume they need a pitcher to help get them over the hump down the stretch.

Sonny Gray could be their man... that, according to Danny Knobler of the Bleacher Report.  I like this...

"As a rival executive said late last summer, Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane "will trade anyone." So far, that hasn't included Sonny Gray, despite many reports of teams asking about the talented right-hander. Beane has consistently said Gray isn't available. Teams will definitely keep asking...

He'll be in demand, and he could make a huge difference for a team like the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees."

Nice prediction. I like where his heads at.  As you know BYB has made similar requests and reported this as well.  We would LOVE to see Sonny Gray in pinstripes.  Read an article titled A CASE FOR A'S SONNY GRAY.

Anyway.  Remember this prediction by Knobler.  Not too bad a one, that's for sure.

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