Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The moment Alex Rodriguez announced that he would be retiring after the 2017 season, my Uncle Michael was on the text to!

Uncle Michael: "Freaking ARod. He's gonna get booed everywhere!"

Me: "He's gotta break the Home Run record.  It makes sense." 

Uncle Michael: "Yeah, but he's announcing like he's Derek Jeter! He just doesn't get it. No one cares that he's retiring. Does he think he will get presents and standing ovations?" 

Me: "Oh, he gets it alright.  Look, if Fat Papi is looking for it, ARod HAS to." 

Uncle Michael: "But Papi will get a pass. ARod will not, and he's GOTTA know that. Why would he announce? Really?" 

Me: ARod doesn't know that... he's ARod. Ego driven."

Here's the reality.  ARod has been playing baseball for a long, long time, and if someone like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera didn't start was has ultimately become the "farewell tour", Alex wouldn't have made his announcement this year.  But there are 2 ways of looking at this...

ARod is retiring after the 2017 season, and so, one piece of logic is he's saying it now so it's out there and now we go play ball.

The other part of it is he's an ego maniac and wants to make sure this goes on forever.  But look, I honestly don't care about any of it.  I care about 1 thing.  Get it off your chest and go play ball, Alex!  We need to win!

ARod needs to perform.  I don't care if it was this year, 2017 or 2020... ARod needs to do his best to help get us a championship... maybe 2 before he goes. That's his job! 

ARod made alot of mistakes in his baseball career.  He's also a fierce competitor.  You know what else he is? He's over the bad, and the suspension and the immature bullshit.  He's trying to move past it, many fans are willing to move on too.  Hell, I am for crying out loud.

Here's the biggest question... why hasn't my Uncle Michael?

Looks like I personally have 2 years of breaking Michael's balls.   Hope he's strapped in... it's gonna be hilarious.

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