Saturday, March 19, 2016


In life, we do things to help others.  In life, we try to help the less fortunate, bring joy to people that need it most, and support each other in difficult times.  That's what we do as human beings.  That's why when you read a story about 2 baseball coaches, running into an automobile fire to save lives, it brings a tear to your eye.

That's why when you hear that someone lost a son or daughter, a community will rally to raise money to help that family get back on their feet again.  Whatever it takes to help... it's a human trait and we all have it in us and it's very noble.

I want  to bring you a story about a guy named Tanner Huddleston, a huge Yankee fan, but something more.  Tanner has happens to be a very close friend of Ty and Jake Hensley.  Mr. Huddleston has a courageous fight ahead of him and needs your love, support and prayers now more than ever.  

The Hensleys have reached out to Bleeding Yankee Blue, asking for not only the support of the BYB family, but the support of ALL Yankee fans, asking to send prayers his way.  Huddleston is dealing with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and doing his best to get through it.
Sure, having family help you through it is great, but sometimes you need a community to bring your needs to the forefront.

Tanner is a tough kid, but he's a young kid and while I don't know the young man, I DO know that it's very important that we help another human beings with a smile, or support or a post about love for this individual.   

I'm asking my BYB community to take a minute, click on his twitter handle, @tannerhuddle22, follow him, and let him know you have his back.

More so, if you find it in your heart to help raise money for him, please go to his Go Fun page HERE.

Tanner, Ty and JR are pulling for you pal.  So is the entire Bleeding Yankee Blue and Yankee family.  You will fight because it's in your nature.  Now you have friends surrounding you! 

Sometimes people are handed a raw deal in life.  
Sometimes a community needs to rally. 
Do the right thing, help Tanner fight!

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