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There was no one better than Rich Gossage in his time, but it's not his time anymore... things change, and now he needs to shut up.

For the first time in the history of the world, I 100% LOVE Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports article on Goose and his blabbing about everything that's wrong in baseball. The fact is, Gossage has a very different and ignorant opinion on stuff.  Some of which I see his point, but most of it, I don't. He sounds almost jealous like he's wishing he could still get on the mound.  Who knows, but he mostly sounds like a cry baby, and I'm a Goose fan! Anyway... Passan writes:
"The timing couldn't have been any better, either, considering the ESPN the Magazine story on National League MVP Bryce Harper that just a few hours earlier had gained traction. In it, Harper argued baseball was "tired" because of people exactly like Goose Gossage, a Hall of Fame reliever who mistakes his enshrinement for an ability to think cogently. Let us count the ways in which he erred.

Quote: "Bautista is an [expletive] disgrace to the game... He's embarrassing to all the Latin players, whoever played before him. Throwing his bat and acting like a fool … "
Reality: Bautista chucked his bat after hammering a go-ahead home run in a winner-takes-all Game 5 of the AL division series. It was awesome. The moment encapsulated the joy of an entire country, the cacophony of an entire stadium, the achievement of a single man. What it did not do is represent an ethnic group that includes players from the Dominican Republic (like Bautista), Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama and Nicaragua. By Gossage's logic, when a white player bat flips, it should embarrass all the Caucasian players."
That's 1, and there's plenty more, but I'm not about to rape Passan's whole article. Goose goes on to rip on a lot that's wrong with the game, sliding in hard at second base, throwing inside on batters, which, I never knew was a true issue, and rules about sliding home.  In a nutshell, he's angry. But you know what? While I understand he's angry... he needs to stop.

Look, BYB is a Yankee fan website. We probably have no friggin' authority to write opinion either, I get that, but Goose needs to approach this differently.  Will he? Nope. He's bitter, much like a lot of the players from yesteryear who played the game much differently.  A lot of these players never got paid the millions and millions of dollars that players get paid today.  And in a player like Goose's mind, the guys "back in the day" worked harder.  How many times are you gonna hear that Gossage pitched 3 innings to get the Save.  Goose, the game has changed... get over yourself! Mariano's timing just happened to be perfect.

You were born in a different generation... it's OK.  Sure, maybe players didn't flip bats as often as they do now... there are more showmen, but the culture's changed too. You kind of gotta roll with it! The game is a lot of fun right about now, and yes, we've learned a lot over the years.  We've learned a lot about arm injuries (a major feature we will have for you on BYB on Sunday). We've learned a lot about concussions and sports is being smarter in it's approach, and for me... someone with kids that are now in the competitive part of their youth sports lives... that's very important to me and millions like me.

(In Photo: Buster Posey gets wrecked)
Look, I get why these guys are bitter, but if they can't open their eyes and see that concussion are constant in sports and protecting players is more important for not only the game, but the individual... I can't help this guy.

Now don't get me wrong.  Goose Gossage, 'the player' was unstoppable.  When I was a kid, it was Ron Guidry and then Goose came in to shut them down!  It was just how it was.  I loved every minute of it.  But Gossage, 'the cranky onlooker' needs to shut his pie hole.  Opinions are fine, we get it and I respect it, but if you read that ESPN interview, it's borderline shocking and reckless.

Look, folks will disagree with me here, and that's fine, and again, I love Goose Gossage, THE PLAYER.  This guy though?  I could do without him... and so could baseball.  Let's not forget, this is a Hall of Famer now.  I kind of thought there was a higher standard for guys like them.

I guess I'm living under a rock.

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  1. ROLLING with changing times is easier said than done....sometimes ROLLING with the times is giving in to things that are not for the best.....goose does complain a lot......but at times he hits it right on the head


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