Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Just an update on Matt Harvey.  No, we're not a Mets blog, but I am not going to slam a guy like I did in DeGROM'S AN ACE. HARVEY'S A PRINCESS, then get a news update on the status of Harvey and just ignore it.  That's irresponsible, and BYB is not that.

According to the Mets, and Harvey, and we'll use ESPN to tell the story here:

"Matt Harvey is a go for Opening Day on Sunday against the Kansas City Royals after a scare regarding his urinary tract.

'It started with a bladder infection and it created a blood clot in the bladder,' Harvey said Tuesday morning after returning to camp. 'I passed it yesterday. It wasn't a great first day [after] my 27th birthday. But we cleared that. And then we had a little procedure done this morning just to go in and check the bladder and everything was clear.'"

And so there you have it.  What bothered me the most was that the Mets said it was "minor", but may not start on Opening Day.  That was weird and that's why I called Harvey a "Princess."  Don't get me wrong... the guy is still a Prima Donna and ego maniac... but at least he's a healthy one.

I don't wish ill on anyone... I will take a shot if I see fit.  That's what I did yesterday evening.  Now that we have some clarity... let's play ball.

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