Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Well, it came down to today.  We just wrote THE MYSTERIOUS CHAPMAN DECISION DELAY yesterday, and the bottom line is, there ended up being no delay at all.  Aroldis Chapman has been suspended for 30 games.

According to Yahoo Sports, " Aroldis Chapman has been suspended for 30 games due to his role in a domestic incident... Chapman will not appeal the suspension. 

The 28-year-old pitcher was being investigated under MLB's new domestic violence policy after he was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend in October. According to the police report, Chapman allegedly choked his girlfriend and fired eight gunshots into his garage. "

Now Bleeding Yankee Blue was getting KILLED by certain folks to took all of our opinions here very hard saying that we did not know what the hell we were talking about.  Some told us we were "stupid" because "there were no charges filed" and "there's no way MLB gives the guy a suspension if there are no criminal charges." Well.... who's stupid now?

This was my favorite from someone called Calvin when we wrote:  DON'T EVER CALL MY FEMALE WRITER A 'FEMINAZI' ON DOMESTIC ABUSE!
"THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF PHYSICAL CONTACT. The photos she took of herself show no bruising or red marks but they do look like she was drunk or stoned. This sounds like the story of some bimbo who gets drunk, starts an argument and then lies to the cops to try to get him in trouble, at least that's the way the cops saw it or they would have arrested him in a heartbeat. I'll bet when she sobered up and realized that she could no longer suck off of his money and fame she was apologizing like a politician caught smoking crack. And if he fired off a few rounds in his garage, so what? You have heard about the second amendment haven't you? Apparently it was not against the law or the cops would have arrested him. I am tired of hearing Feminazis and their male apologists dump on this guy."  
Apparently MLB found the incident to be inexcusable, and couple that with a guy named Joe Torre who is part of MLB and runs something called Safe at Home Foundation, and anyone who sneezes toward a woman needs to be seriously reviewed. And you know what? Chapman was and Chapman will now take his own lumps and move on.

Chapman statement is here:

 "Today, I accepted a 30 game suspension from Major League Baseball resulting from my actions on October 30, 2015. I want to be clear, I did not in any way harm my girlfriend that evening. However, I should have exercised better judgment with respect to my actions, and for that I am sorry. The decision to accept a suspension, as opposed to appealing one, was made after careful consideration. I made this decision in an effort to minimize the distractions that an appeal would cause the Yankees, my new teammates and most importantly, my family. I have learned from this matter, and I look forward to being part of the Yankees’ quest for a 28th World Series title. Out of respect for my teammates and my family, I will have no further comment."

Chapman made a mistake.  MLB is making an example of Chapman utilizing their new Domestic Violence policy.  A 30 game suspension will happen and then we move forward.   There are no hard opinions on this story at this point.  MLB has spoken.  I'm just glad we can get behind this now.

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