Thursday, February 4, 2016


Remember when I once told my BYB audience that the Yankees should one day look at Tim Lincecum and perhaps bring him to the Bronx? Remember when I was told I was a nut, crazy... dumb? Here's an actual email, misspellings and all, from back in 2013 when I wrote HEY YANKS... GO GET LINCECUM!
Casey, you are a fucking moron if you think the Yankees should go after Freak! He's nto worth it and you are a CLICK site putting out careless useless information. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ANY GOOD AT THIS???? 

-J.R. Fuckoff

Dear Mr. Fuckoff,

The Yankees are looking at Tim Lincecum. 

According to

" Tim Lincecum is scheduled to host a showcase/workout for over 20 major league teams in the next week or so, hoping to prove he can still pitch as a high-end starter in the big leagues...New York's reportedly among the teams sending scouts to see Lincecum, and so too are the divisional rivals Baltimore Orioles..."

Will the Yankees sign him? There will be alittle pressure if Lincecum dazzles them, especially if the Orioles, a division rival is right there.  Plus, if he gives a slightly more than decent showcase, the price might be right for the Yankees to sign 'the Freak' to fit their needs. 

Look, if the Yankees did nothing right this second, we'd most likely be fine. But there is nothing wrong looking at everyone as we try to just finish off the rest of our roster and get ready for Spring Training.

There is nothing better for me personally than to see Tim Lincecum pitch in pinstripes.  If he is capable of helping us, I welcome it, I love Lincecum... but here's the point of this entire post.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Anything...

J.R. Fuckoff just sees 1 dimensional... and that's why he sits on his couch criticizing everything around him.

Get a job hippy.

Be Read. Get Known.

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