Sunday, February 21, 2016


I am not as excited about the 2016 season as I once was. I’ll admit it; I’m a Greg Bird fan and was bummed out to hear that he will spend the upcoming season on the shelf…or perch. Bird symbolized the NEW New York Yankees to me. 

He had a young Donnie Baseball look to him with that sweet, short porch John Olerud-esq swing. Greg was riding the crest of the youth movement wave to the Bronx! A booming tide that would wash away the old, crusty, oft injury, expensive barnacles that have held on too long. I can’t pretend any more. It’s sad. 

It’s like predicting the rain when it’s already freakin’ raining! NO! We won’t get a full, healthy, bounce back year from Tex either! Nope. Nah, not “but maybe if…”. No, just stop. 

No, CC won’t have found the fountain of youth after freeing himself of the Fountain of Jack Daniels. Nope. The knee is shot like that lawn chair my Pop puts out on the porch every spring…that nobody sits in…BECAUSE IT’S BROKEN! 

ARod? He’ll run into a few. I admire his work ethic and new attitude since returning from exile…but let us be realistic for a second. .241 with 22 dingers and 83 RBIs would be in the ballpark. Prediction.

We are a year away from seeing what we actually have. “Charlie Bone Spur” won’t be better this year. It is lousy to write it, but it’s a fact. I won’t wear the rose tinted, pinstriped goggles anymore. Think about it…we’ve already started hearing that our new 2nd baseman will be a utility man. WHAT?! Why? Let him play 2nd…and ONLY 2nd.

I will admit I am pretty amped up to see the 3 HEADED MONSTER of a pen this year…but with Miller as the closer…call me crazy, he earned it.

I think even the most hardened Tex fan (Looking at you, Jenna) has to KNOW that Mark is not going to bounce back again. Yes, he had great power numbers and is the second best goalkeeper behind Henrik blah, blah, blah… but you have to see that there is a chance that this guy will get hurt on his way to his kid’s PTA meeting at their Greenwich grade school. I submit we alter the saying from “MURPHY’S LAW” to “Teixeira’s Law”. That which can be injured, can and will be injured. We’re screwed and we know it. I predict the INJURY BUG will bite early in Spring Training and then return with vigor in mid May.

What did Greg Bird mean to me? He meant a new day in the Bronx. Then again he may have laid an egg…but Tex calls that “Tuesday”.

Sorry…February sucks.



--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
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