Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Nothing is ever final in Yankeeland and I never believe them anyway, especially when they go public or when the media reports it.  Remember when Jesus Montero was untouchable? Cashman said as much. Then, he wasn't, and we got Michael Pineda.  That's one example of many, but you get my point.

Even though fans know a lot about the game, and the team, fans virtually don't know anything until it actually happens.  That's not an insult, it's a fact.  We all can speculate as much as Jon Heyman all we want. But the fact of the matter is we just don't know what Brian Cashman is thinking, until he does something.

Keeping it close to the vest is the right approach. I like it.  I mean, the Yanks don't want the media jumping all over a potential deal before it actually happens, right? It could destroy the deal or even give another team an opportunity to come in and try to break it up.

I never do this, and mostly it's because I am NOT a baseball insider.  To be honest, I would rather not be titled as one, those guys know as much as us fans... let's keep it real.  How many stories has Heyman and Olney actually broke before the fact? Think about that for a second. It's always speculation and then they tweet the deal afterwards and then they all pile on each other with the hopes that they are retweeted. It's a silly game.

There has been a lot said recently about Andrew Miller and if he is still gonna be with the Yankees or if now that Aroldis Chapman is with the Yanks, Miller on his way out.  While the Yankees have said just recently he's sticking around with the team, I never say never.  Not only that, I made a few calls today and got an old friend, a source on the record who knows alittle about how the Yankees are operating.  While this is the same thing I've been saying for weeks, it's nice to get alittle reassurance that I'm not totally crazy.  I was honest.

I asked about whether or not Andrew Miller or Brett Gardner were still being floated for a potential trade.  It's a logical question.  The reason I asked was because one of our readers posted this on Facebook:

"I read yesterday that both Miller and Gardner are no longer on the trading block.

Hmm.  How would a fan know? Where did Mike read it? "How would anyone actually know that?", I thought. 

I became curious.  I texted and made a few calls and I got my answer from a source close to New York Yankee operations. He asked that I not reveal his name. Trust me, I never do. My source said:

"It's just like it always is.  For the right move, Miller or Gardy could go."

Makes sense, and here's why;

If there is a good top starter that can be had, those 2 are nice additions to any team.  If there is no one out there, why the hell would you trade them away?  They want something BIG, and if it's not BIG, there's no reason for movement.  But it doesn't mean they're "no longer on the trading block", whatever that means. 

And just like clockwork, this headline came out as I wrote this last night: Yankees asking price for Andrew Miller too high? By Brendan Kuty of   The question is a wise one, and that's because the answer is, OF COURSE THE PRICE IS HIGH! 

Miller was one of the top closers in the league last season. You need a very nice return on the guy if you're gonna trade him, and if that means you throw in Gardy for top starter, so be it.   It all goes back to my original point... everyone is trade-able and just because media outlets claim they are "off the trading block", doesn't mean a damn thing. You feel me?

And yes, if it doesn't work out Miller and Gardy do not get traded.  Trust me, it's a good problem to have. I just wanted my source on the record. I got what I needed. Thank you.

Oh yeah, and this one made me giggle while we're on the subject of no one knowing nuttin':

Is this a guess? I mean, I could suggest it too, doesn't mean tomorrow they don't sign a free agent on the cheap.  It's not logical... don't even bother. You don't know... no one does.

Never say never, Yankee fans....EVER.  While you may think there's no move to be made, or the Yankees of the Yankee media "insist" they aren't moving guys... it means NOTHING.

Enjoy the rumor mill.  It's fun, but read everything. It makes for a better dialog... trust me. Any before I go, let me say this to Mark Pronto and Mike Kilroe; This was not personal.   I appreciate you guys very much. You always keep the dialog fresh and are loyal Bleeding Yankee Blue readers.  All I wanted to do was to demonstrate the reality of the situation in Yankeeland.  No one ever knows what's going on in Cashman's little head.  No one, but Cashman and the Iron Curtain of the New York Yankees.  That my friends is a fact. 

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