Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Did anyone know that last week on January 19th was National Popcorn Day? Anyone? No? Well the YES Network did and did a cool story on Don Mattingly stealing a kid’s popcorn after tracking a foul ball into the stands in 1992. I love these kind of stories! While baseball is obviously a game to be taken seriously and guys get agitated and get into arguments and even fights, more often players have some fun and get some laughs and that’s another aspect of the game I love!

Whether its kids in little league wearing their rally caps or teasing the pitcher, or Big Leaguer's getting a laugh at their teammate’s expense, baseball is a game that is supposed to be fun!

Current Yankee, and former Cubbie, Starlin Castro, mimicked Kris Bryant last year after Bryant fielded a ground ball and threw it to first. This kind of on the field thing doesn’t happen often but it sure has us baseball fans taking notice and the look on Anthony Rizzo's face was priceless!

The Yankees have made the pie in the face a tradition after walk-offs, led by former Yankee AJ Burnett, and the tradition carries on today and several other teams have jumped on the bandwagon.

Sometimes even the on-the-field reporter gets in on the action!

Another thing ball clubs do is give a guy the cold shoulder when he hits his first home run. The Cubs Kris Bryant was a victim of this last May after being called up from the minors. Some of the players have fun right back though and give virtual high fives to imaginary players as they enter the dugout. It’s a right of passage!

Then there are the rookies. Aw, the poor rookies. They have it the worst! I was at a New Britain Rocks game against the Trenton Thunder about five years ago and the Thunder rookie pitchers were made to wear fairy wings on their way out to the bullpen while joined arm-in-arm. But the big leaguers get the publicity! Check out what the Cubs had their rookies wear as posted on David Ross’s Twitter account.
Most of us also recall that the Cardinals and Braves rookies last year were forced to go get pregame coffee, in full uniform, outside of the ballpark which not only the veterans enjoyed but also the public who got to witness the spectacle.

So remember ladies and gentleman, and in particular you youngsters, that games are meant to be fun. Of course baseball and other sports must be taken seriously, but there is always some time to get a laugh and stay loose.

I’m looking forward to more of these fun moments as the Yankees season is about to commence. Until then, let’s see what Brian Cashman has up his sleeve, if anything, as we get geared up for baseball!

 --Dan Lucia
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