Wednesday, January 6, 2016


When Bleeding Yankee Blue started it was just me.  After a while, a collected a few writers and we were on our way.  One of those writers was Will Cohen, a kid with alot of passion about the New York Yankees and an interest in writing stories for me. 

I hired him and he did a great job for me. One of Will's first pieces with BYB was in February 2011, titled WHY PITCHING WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Since then he wrote dozens more articles for BYB before returning to his own busy life.

I haven't talked to Will for a few years now.  Then, last night, I received this tweet:
Nice! I quickly responded:
Now, while my grammar in my tweet was wrong, I was sincere.  It is always outstanding to see people you know blossom in their passion, and I'm proud to see Will Cohen, a former Bleeding Yankee Blue writer out on his own doing his own blog and having his own dreams.  It should be applauded.

For those of you who remember Will, be sure to congratulate him. His handle is @NYSportsPlease.

And for everyone, be sure to check out Will's blog, NY Sports Please.

Let me just say I'm so proud of Will.  I know my small influence rubbed off and the kid's gonna do great things!

Congrats Will!

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