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We're a damn, cool shop.  The gang that's been reading Bleeding Yankee Blue knows this. I will promote my writers as celebrities, because they work their tails off and deserve any credit that comes their way.  It's not about writing everyday.  It's about writing quality stuff when your turn comes.  That's team work.  It's family. That's BYB.

We've just hit midnight.  2015 leaves us now. Here comes 2016.  If you mentioned to me in passing back in 2010 that BYB would be as big as it is with a loyal fan base as wonderful and gorgeous as all of you... I may have laughed... but still,  I would have believed it.  That's because I know I can do anything if I apply myself, and I have surrounded myself with those same type people.  My drive is enormous... my writers are tireless.

The ball has fallen. A new year is among us, and... if you're looking at the BYB counter... we're on the brink of 4 million clicks since our birth in 2010.  You are all truly amazing individuals.  I appreciate you reading, I appreciate you sharing and I damn sure appreciate you liking us.  Thank you. Thank you very much.

For all of you that come to BYB every morning with your coffee, you are part of my forever expanding family.  And to think that I started this site because of a rant. Wow... it developed into something so much more.  WHY LAST NIGHT WAS IMPORTANT was written on September 14, 2010. 
 'Last night we played for the Wild Card. In my mind, it's Division Champs or bust. It isn't too early to have that mentality because if you're resting guys for the playoffs and you keep losing like that, all you're doing is resting guys for a long, cold winter.'

It's crazy to read that and know that Joe Girardi has never walked away from his binder mentality, no matter the stakes of a game.  And years later, it's the same, and I guess that's good for BYB. It keeps us going. We hate the binder, but appreciate GI Joe at the helm in some weird way.  

We get frustrated as fans and we speak our mind here, and that resonated.  You guys, our BYB readers, all feel very similarly to us here. You just don't have an outlet. We do... and we voice our opinions everyday.  I guess you like it.  Thank God.

We also built a pretty significant female readership here.  Women from all over come and read BYB, partly because we have Girl Power on our own pages with terrific female writers, but we also have male writers that are informative, sensitive and caring with how we present our work.  

Chicks dig it, and we tapped into an audience that was not being served.  

I am thrilled that it happened that way.  

SO what's next? Well, 2016 can be big. If my writers and I can keep it going strong, we will in fact try some different things.  I want to create more merchandise... and I'd love to include my BYB logo in some way on some of it. Let me ask you, would you wear this on your body?

Yes, we will get more tanks.  Yes, we will try and figure out what other types of merchandise you would like to wear. 

And, you're wondering... What's the goal?  Simple.  To keep the audience we have... and to build.  We don't want you to like us... we want you to love us.  We want you to know that we're not some breaking news operation. We're opinion driven, we will bring you a few laughs... we may even make you cry.  But most importantly we will do what I wanted since the beginning... I want this site to be family friendly.  I want you to know you have a friend from where ever you are.  




Da Bronx.

That's the concept of Bleeding Yankee Blue.  That's the formula that the others passed by in their desperation to be great Yankee sites.  Their loss... our gain.

Hey... Happy New Year to all of you. Make 2016 big for yourselves and your family.  Love each other.  Work hard.  Never quit and always be kind.  You, our readers are passionate and terrific individuals.  You get us, and we appreciate it.

To my writers... what can I say?  We wake up every morning doing what we love for the team we love.  We're not perfect.... but that's what I love about our operation.  We are real, not robots and we care most about our audience and each other.

I love you all very much. You have made this man in his 40's feel like he's in his 20's all over again.  I'm alive and I'm happy to serve our audience.  

Let's make 2016 extra special. Please.

 -Robert Casey, Chief & Lead Writer for
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