Thursday, December 3, 2015


Yankee fans are spoiled.  But that doesn't work anymore if you look at the direction the Yankees have been going.  We used to wait for the offseason and then we'd just sign every top Free Agent under the sun. We'd be strategic about it, booking all the hotel rooms on a floor of a free agent and making late night calls to get the deals done. It's different now. So far... nothing has happened this offseason and let me tell you something, we may not do anything, and in the big picture, isn't that what we all wanted anyway?

Think about this for a second; We have been bitching up and down for years about how "We better get a new Core Four up to the Bronx (Plus Bernie Williams)."  We heard "We need to have a better farm system."  We heard, "We keep giving our youth away from old players."  You remember... you probably said it too, I know I did.

Then something happened. After Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury, a must have and a 'meh', oh, and Brian McCann too, we stopped.  There were little deals in the off seasons and trade deadlines but it wasn't like the old Yankees.  It seemed different. It felt different.  It seemed like we were short changing free agents or dragging our feet.   All the while though, it was part of the plan.  Believe it or not, the Yankees heard the fans.  The Yankees knew we were right about our youth, and sure, they started weeding out the ones they didn't see a future in, but they started holding onto the youth... the guys they saw potential in.

At the trade deadline last season, we did nothing.  NOTHING. But there was a reason.  Every potential trade involved a team that wanted Luis Severino, Greg Bird or Aaron Judge.  Didn't matter. Everybody complained anyway.  Why? Isn't that the whole original complaint about the New York Yankees? We give away youth. We no longer develop.  When the Yankees didn't make a move, it was pretty obivous to me they were doing exactly what the fans wanted; to hold onto the young guys, develop them and bring up a new batch of studs. 

And now we're watching David Price, a free agent that went to the Red Sox, a guy we totally should have signed, but you remember, we complained that we spend too much on long term deals and "Price will suck in 4 years".  I said it, more kind of course, but I said it.  I know many of you did.  Price is a great pitcher, the Yankees definitely should have been in on that guy, but they didn't because once again, the Yankees listened to their fan base, us, and thought it was way too expensive for their taste.  I have news for you, Johnny Cueto most likely will be to.  Jeff Samardzija may be as well. 

The Yankees are regrouping.  You can be angry all you want, but they are being very, very strategic about it.  You're mad.  So am I, but this is a good thing ladies and gentlemen.   The whole story about the Braves and Yankees and Shelby Miller put things in perspective for me.  The Braves want our youth... Bird... Judge... Severino.  You know what? We said no way.   What... you're not applauding that?

We're a bunch of complainers... me included. But I have news for you, the Red Sox needed Price a lot more than we did.  The Sox sucked last year.  The Sox need to make a splash.  As a baseball fan, how do you not respect that? 

The Yankees were in the playoffs in 2015.  Sure, we didn't win the whole thing, but let's be honest, we weren't supposed to even be there. We did better than expected and right now, "better" is the way the Yankees are playing it.  Sure, they want to be the best... but baby steps.  The balancing act is tricky, but keeping youth and be strategic to pick up the players that can help us will be the new game plan.

Get used to it, and try to enjoy the ride... it's not as bad as you think. Oh yeah, and it's just baseball, not brain surgery. It's supposed to be fun.

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