Wednesday, December 2, 2015


With the off season in full swing and the winter meetings just around the corner, the rumors and leaks from organizations are starting to heat up. Of them are various claims that teams are interested in prospects or dealing big name players. The thing that happens in the days of the Internet and with so many media outlets is that people start to lose their mind over rumors or conversations.  Just RELAX folks, it's all talk.... As of now!

On Monday I saw several reports that the Braves were interested in dealing SP Shelby Miller and the Yankees were named as a team they spoke with. The Braves apparently were interested in Luis Severino in exchange for Miller which caused a lot of uproar amongst Yankees fans.

"No Way!"

"That's crazy!"

"Cashman better not deal Severino!"

"Miller isn't a front of the rotation starter like Severino!"

I completely understand all these points. They are very valid points. But we have to realize it's just off season talk. And also understand that if an organization is looking to deal a young star, they're going to want a hefty return. They wouldn't ask for a 'nobody' or a 'has been', it's the way it works.

If the Yankees were shopping Severino, wouldn't we expect to ask for Jose Fernandez or some big time young star? Of course we would!

As the rumors and conversations continue over the next several months, just keep that in mind.

It's all talk and the GM's are going to barter and push for the best deals for their organizations. It's what they get paid to do, some better than others.

I would love to see some more moves to get younger and improve the starting rotation with arms, young arms, which can be controlled for several years. There will be plenty more rumors just like this, so keep calm and Yanks on.

What would you like to see from our Bronx Bombers? Who would you want to target? Who is expendable as trade bait? Let us know!

--Dan Lucia
BYB Writer
Twitter: @DManLucia


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