Friday, December 11, 2015


Anybody stressing out right now?  I don't mean with the Yankees... I mean with Christmas.  Sure, many Yankee fans are wondering if there will be more after we acquired Starlin Castro and gave away Justin Wilson.  I mean, it appears the majority of the fans like the Castro deal, me included, but it does now make Rob Refsnyder either available to a team for the right deal, or he starts in the RailRiders system, which, isn't a bad thing.

Now Cashman has made it clear that he's "not done."  He basically said that he can't guarantee anything, but between now and April there could be other deals.  Maybe a deal to get a starting pitcher?  Will Brett Gardner be unloaded?

Will Andrew Miller now stay in New York? What about Ivan Nova... anyone want the guy?  Cash had stated... for the right deal, everyone is available.  In essence, he's looking, but he's not done.  And neither am I...

I've had so much going on the past few weeks, I have not been able to get what I needed for the family and it's starting to stress me out. I have a cold, I'm tired, but I made it clear... this weekend I gotta get out there and get things done for the family.

The big gift in my house for the younger kids this year will the Lego Dimensions. I gotta grab that asap.  The boys like the video games and they love LEGOS and I can pretty much guarantee I'll be playing it as much as them.

There will be Lego sets, and Super Heroes and gift cards to Dunkin' Donuts...

Under Armor and Nike sweatshirts and socks and of course underpants that they will look at and then toss aside.

The oldest child has pretty much given me his list in August and since has changed his mind 10 times which only gets me aggravated and I'll spout out, "Let me ask you something... what are you getting your brothers for Christmas?" There's a long pause and he takes his eyes away from his phone and looks at me and say, 'They haven't told me what they wanted?" Translation... "I forgot about giving."  I swear to God, my wife and I didn't raise him like that... it must be puberty.  I mean, great kid, gorgeous, outgoing, more and more athletic every day... but a first born.  You know what I mean...

We grabbed my wife's phone and pulled up a sad, sad story about a girl who lost her whole family in an arson fire.  Sa'fyre Terry's face and body was badly damaged and all she wants for Christmas are cards from all over the country. She's only 8 years old.  Think about that for a second... she lost everything... and all she wants are cards. Meanwhile our kids today have no idea what it means to have hard times.  Because we all get up and work our tails off to make sure they get what they need to never be hungry, to always be warm and to always stay entertained.  And so, as my kids get older, teaching them about the importance of life and giving is a helluva lot more gratifying than "things".

My second born is quiet, but knows what he wants to do.  He knows the gifts he wants to give his brothers, he already found something for my wife with his own money. I contributed. And I look at him and wonder how 2 brothers can be so different.

But it comes back to me and all I need to still do.  I want to make sure the gifts are right.  I want to make sure folks I know get alittle something, something they could use... maybe something they like.  For me, I hate to use the words, 'something they want', because it goes back to Sa'fyre Terry.   She needs a helluva lot more than she wants.

And even if I don't get all the gifts I want to get for my family this Christmas, the one thing I will do is get some Christmas cards and a care package over to little Sa'fyre Terry and you should too.

The address is:

Sa'fyre Terry
P.O. Box 6126 
Schenectady, NY, 12306

It takes a second. When I see a story like this... nothing else matters to me.  Not the gifts... not the Yankees, not BYB.  I just want to hug this little girl and let her know it's going to be OK.  But the simple fact is, she knows that and that's why cards are all she wants for Christmas.  She's taught millions what life is all about right there.

Do the right thing this holiday. Spoil the kids. Make your family happy.  But do more if you can. Give. Donate.  Help.  Be great for others.  We all need to work together right now.

Sorry to leave you on a downer today. I just had to get that off my chest.

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