Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I love when folks that I surround myself with have the same drive that I do.  I call it passion, and it consumes me. It's also addictive. I am always attracted to that.  I think that's why I appreciate the Hensley family and I love to watch Ty Hensley work his way back.  It's pretty incredible and will be the greatest story ever when he gets on the mound at Yankee Stadium. 

I also appreciate a person like Laura Posada and have been incredibly touched by the way she not only runs her house with her children, but the relationship she has with Jorge as well as maintaining a busy career.  Since Jorge's retirement, Laura has jumped to the forefront, doing things that she wanted to do. As she told me once, "It's my turn."  She's already quite accomplished, she's an attorney and certified life coach, but she's constantly on social media inspiring people to be their best them and teaches people to work hard for what you want in live, and not only that... she leads by example. She's positive. She's inspiring.  She's passionate. 

She's also the real thing.   All these live videos she puts out be it cooking or excerising and all the conversations she has with fans on social media, it's great! 

Her campaign for #40isthenew20, her book La dieta mental: Tu clave para ser's all driven because she's a passionate person and it's not self serving... it's genuine.  She wants to help people believe in themselves and get better in their own lives.  It's Laura's way of given back, and you have to admire that.

There are so many people I want to feature in the BYB "Bonding over" series, and we've done it a bit over the past few months:





And we will do it more over the next several months. But the simple is, the series would not be perfect if Laura Posada wasn't in it.  My wife and I remember the day we met Laura and Jorge at a Yankee event a few years ago.  We had already corresponded over email and she knew how genuine we were about promoting the Posadas positive message.  We loved watching Jorge play and we loved Laura's drive.  Our meeting was brief, and I was overjoyed when I told her who I was, and they smiled.  They knew me, but more importantly, they knew we weren't some crazy people.  We were family folks like them.  We were real and we shared the same values and drive and passion as them.  Sometimes that all it takes when it comes to making that connection.

And so, I salute Laura Posada today.  You are very good to BYB and have been over the years, but more importantly, you are great to the fans, not because of your kindness, but because of your passion.  You believe in them as human beings.  You want them to embrace challenges and overcome them and you want them to work toward goals... like you do... like someone like Ty Hensley does... like we do here at BYB.

Merry Christmas Laura.  I hope our tribute to your hard work is appreciated.


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