Thursday, December 24, 2015


We now continue our bonding series with a another cool chick who we appreciate a lot here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  It’s Lory Ankiel, and while she’s not part of the Yankee family, she’s part of the Baseball, as well as the BYB family!

Many of you know Rick Ankiel, Pro baseball player who starting out as a Cardinals pitcher and eventually transformed himself into an outfielder and continued his career with the Cardinals, the Mets and so on.

While he was a member of the Nationals advising staff, something else was happening in the background.  Lory Ankiel was starting her own business and it’s a business near and dear to her heart because it involves most sports families.

In a nutshell, it's Our Baseball Life.  When a player gets traded or signs with another club, it’s sometimes urgent that the wife spring into action to get the family up and moved while the husband goes to that team to play ball, usually immediately.

Lory created Our Baseball Life, a website for sports wives to go to, look up the city and surrounding areas their husband was traded to and look for good schooling, homes, doctors and all of that.  It's an incredible tool and getting pretty popular in the baseball world, not to mention other sports.  That's right, she's expanding.

With Our Baseball Life, came the App, The Athlete’s Guide and more assistance for the baseball families that need it.  In short, I find what Lory has done to be pretty awesome, and we promote her here at BYB because she’s such a giving and nice person. She even posed for us in our Bleeding Yankee Blue tank!

So Lory, this stories for you! We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue have created a “Bonding over” series, highlighting people that are close to us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue over the past 5 years.  It’s a way to say "Thank you" for being so wonderful to us.  We are returning the favor, highlighting all of you!  Happy Holidays to you Lory and to Rick and your family! 

To our BYB audience, if you haven’t checked out our “Bonding over” series yet, please do so, check them out below:






It's Christmas Eve... Merry Christmas gang.

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