Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Most BYB readers know that we are a split shop made up of men and women on our staff.  All smart, all level headed and all brilliant enough to know that what we support here on this Yankee website is not only the New York Yankees, but the idea of good, solid values, family and good, close friends.  But again, we also support the team, in fact, that's how it all started for us.

I reject any notion that because BYB can write an article praising the idea of having a dominant pitcher like Aroldis Chapman in our pen, we are now supporting a wife beater.  Not only is that suggestion ignorant... it's downright wrong.

Aroldis Chapman is a damn good pitcher.  He also allegedly beat his wife.  That's been well documented here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. It's shameful and wrong and we do not accept violence against women in any way.  Every one on my staff knows this, and while some may not approve of Chapman being on our team because of his sketchy past, they do understand that the pitcher is a good one.  There is a difference.  Here's the other part we as a staff can all agree on, including you:

If a suspension is determined by MLB and Chapman needs to serve that suspension, WE APPLAUD THAT AND SUPPORT MLB 100%.  It doesn't matter if Chapman doesn't play...baseball obviously takes a back seat.

So you're wondering..."Why is Casey writing this?"

Well, it's because sometimes ignorant folks like to read headlines and NOT the many, many words that make up an actual article. You see, reading is fascinating... usually there's a story attached to headline.  Usually there is opinion or news attached, but if you only read the headline, you're just not getting the full story.  And if you don't get the full story... and then spew hate... well, you're pretty dumb and I feel bad for you.  Bottom line, I will always fight for my writers because they are truly exceptional.  Not only that, I will always fight for BYB's reputation.  We work too hard for me not too.

So here's a lesson to EVERYONE.  Read everything.  If you see a headline like CHAPMAN COMPLETES THE ULTIMATE YANKEE PEN, also know that if you read BYB, there's a message also in that article about this controversial pitcher:

"There are certainly bumps in the road on this one. Many are talking about his domestic violence incident last October, and with baseball’s new domestic violence policy, he could begin the season on suspension. Under no circumstances do I or do any of our writers condone such actions, and we expect baseball to do the right thing."

Wow! That was in the article? THAT'S AMAZING!! Now read this tool:

Sorry reading gives you a headache, Kev. Sorry you couldn't click, are 1 dimensional and uneducated.  Let me be clear;  I do not appreciate folks who don't educate themselves or read everything before attacking me and my staff.  And see...that's the problem with social networks. If you are dumb, if you don't read, most likely... in fact, MOST DEFINITELY you will use Twitter and Facebook incorrectly.  That's what happened here.  I feel bad for this man, although, truth be told, I'm not even sure I can call him that.

To the BYB readers and supporters.  Thanks for getting it.  Thanks for reading and supporting us and understanding what we are all about.  We're about family values, good friends, smart talk and definitely women and respect for all.  To the haters... go away, you're boring and tired at this point.

Thanks for reading and listening to what I needed to get off my chest. I will never stop fighting for good solid values and my writers.  EVER.

-Robert Casey, CEO & Writer for BleedingYankeeBlue.com 
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