Friday, December 25, 2015


As I sit here with my baby boy in front of our Christmas tree and raging fire, I have a minute to think (he is sleeping, otherwise…no dice).  This time of year may be slow for Baseball fans in terms of games to watch, but it does give us a chance to reflect on what the game is really built on…family.  It is really the one thing we all share as devote followers of our National Pastime.  In my house as a child of baseball, New York Yankee Baseball to be exact, was something we could all enjoy and talk about no matter what the calendar said.  It was usually around early November when my list to Santa would include a few baseball items…

Dear Santa,
I’ve been pretty good this year.  The thing with my sister in July was not at all my fault.  I’m telling you she flat out lied about me swearing at her.  I’m hoping you see it my way.  Anyhow, how are the North Pole, the Mrs., elves and reindeer?  I hope that you had a nice year and you’re ready for your big trip around the world.  Here is a list of a few things I’d love to find under my tree!
Mikey O’Hara
1.)   A Reggie Jackson Glove
2.)   A real Yankee Cap
3.)   Baseball cards
4.)   Spikes like Gator wears
The rest was mostly Star Wars toys and new snow saucer.
Like the Holidays, Baseball really does bring us together.  I look forward to taking a peek at my son’s list before I “send it to Santa” in the coming years.  I hope that baseball is there for he and I the way it is for my dad and me. 

As I get older I’ll admit to becoming a tad nostalgic and sentimental.  I watch the Christmas movies and listen to Nat King Cole and understand why my folks seemed so happy every Christmas morning even though they didn’t spend the day opening gifts.  It was about the family.  It’s about being together and taking a break from the world outside.  Baseball does that too.  It gives us a much-needed break from all that we see and hear about in the news.  It gives us moments like the one I’m having now with my boy.  We get a few wonderful minutes to remember what’s good about this game of life.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!  And here’s to a Healthy and Happy New Year!

** There is really only one song I could end this post with.  Here’s Shane, Christy and the Boys in the NYPD Choir **



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