Thursday, November 12, 2015


I’m not Jon Heyman (Thank the Almighty).  I don’t have any “inside dope”, no “word on the street”.  “Sources” or “club insiders” do not surround me.  In short, I don’t punch the clock at THE RUMOR MILL.  What’s the point?  To sell papers? Get clicks?  I’m just not a fan of nonsense.  It’s not my bag.  I don’t want my sports talk TMZ style, kids.  Heyman, Buster and the rest need that junk to get on ESPN or Boomer & Carton…so that callers call in, advertisers can buy time and the wheel goes around and around.

Now, I’m not saying it isn’t sometimes cool to daydream about my favorite team eyeing a big time ace or middle of the order bat, but at the end of the day I’d rather spend the time watching Hockey, Football and Hoops (College hoops…sorry, Knicks.  I need a break). The off season is the off season.  I don’t need to hear the rumors until after Christmas.  If you disagree…well SUPER!  Welcome to the United States of America.  We have all sorts of rights…that one, where we can disagree, is one of my favorites.

Recently it has been REPORTED that Yankees GM, Brian Cashman has stated that he is open to anything.  What the hell is he supposed to say?  Do you actually believe that Cash would ever utter, “Um…we’re good.  I’m going to Cabo and I’ll see you guys in Tampa in mid February.”?  No, Cash said he is open, not that he is actively looking to wheel and deal.

So Heyman and the rest of the gossip columnist (disguised as Baseball Writers) drum up (Earmuffs) BULLSHIT.

No!  I absolutely DO NOT buy that Andy Miller is being shopped.  WHY?! The best part of the Yankee team? It’s THE ONLY consistent thing in the club’s dynamic.  Yeah, let’s punt on Miller and try to get Stevie (The Nats Joba’d him) Strasburg.  What?

Come on!  It’s a rumor.  It smells like Heyman.  It stinks.

Look, the Yankees are sleeping in the bed THEY made, gang.  They can’t move the bloated, aging contracts.  They shouldn’t ship the Baby Bombers.  And they flat should have the phones ripped out of the walls at the Stadium to not get calls on Miller or Dellin.  DEVELOP WHAT YOU HAVE and wait out the old guys.  It is what it is.  Why do Yankee fans believe we can simply take every rumor at face value?  The Yankees are doing things differently now.  They are protecting the kids and trying to make what they have work.  Andrew “CUT YOU DOWN” Miller stays in Pinstripes…short of the Dodgers calling Hal’s secret phone and offering Clay and Puig…. then I can see the Yankees moving…. that is only slightly shy of the rumors Heyman would float in my opinion.

** Let’s get used to hearing this one for many years to come, Yankee fans.  It WORKS**


--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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