Monday, November 30, 2015


Look, it should surprise no one that Brett Gardner's agent has come out with a statement that suggests that Brett Gardner wants to "be a Yankee for life." I know... right?  For those of you living under a rock... that just happened. has it:

"When Brett Gardner and the Yankees were discussing a contract extension in early 2014, the outfielder said he told his employer he "didn't want to go anywhere else." 

The talks resulted in a four-year, $52-million extension with a fifth-year club option that would start in 2015. And it meant Gardner would forego a possible bigger payday for immediate security at the place he wanted to stay.

Now a full year into that pact, Gardner's sentiment remains the same..."

His agent, Joe Bick said this:

"The only thing I'll say about it is that the vast majority of players have no control over what a team's front office decides to do, and Gardy — he's in that position...His desire is to be a New York Yankee for his entire career. If it works out that way, great. If not, he's going to show up and play every day."

Look, here's how I see it. Things change.  The Yankees were unimpressed with Brett Gardner's second half  in 2015 and it was bad enough to suggest that if Gardy is tradeable in the offseason, while his trade value was still decent, the Yankees should do it, especially if they can get something good on the return.

Look, the bill of goods the Yankees sold us fans on Ellsbury-Gardy patrolling our outfield for years to come soured when both players literally shit the bed at the wrong time. That speaks volumes.

Now look, it sounds harsh, and Lord knows I like Gardy and don't want to see the guy traded away, but he needs to perform when we need him to.  He's a small ball guy and we need that desperately.

While we're at it by the way, can we discuss the way he catches a ball in the outfield? Look at the picture above.  You NEVER turn your wrist coming in for a ball like that. That's basic Little League stuff. Plus, it's not exactly smooth. Lately, between these 2 guys, it's been alittle uncomfortable out there, not to mention the injuries. I'm just being honest.

Hey, I sound like I'm piling on.   I'm not.  Bottom line, this is baseball and sometimes while we may love our players staying with one team for life, that team may not find it fits their business plan.  So what I'm saying is, it's nice to know that Gardy wants to stick around the Bronx for his entire career, but it's rare these days in Yankeeland... that's the bottom line.

We'll have to see what happens with Gardy and when something DOES happen, if anything, we will report it here on BYB.

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