Thursday, October 1, 2015


"I'm mentally exhausted. I'm not sure we could even beat the Tennessee Balloon Knots at this point." 
--Robert Casey, September 30th, 10:18pm

It's tough to be a Yankee fan. The games are long and hard. We needed a win badly last night. Losing 2 to the Red Sox is horrible.  Losing 3, when we really need to clinch to get to the playoffs is worse.

Masahiro Tanaka was not spectacular.  I was asked if I had any Fireball handy... my drink of choice.
I did not... I had Tennessee Fire:
Sometimes a drink helps take the edge off. Luckily for me... I don't drink often when the Yankees play. If I did... I'd be an alcoholic.

The Yankees were able to tie the game 5-5 last night.  Meanwhile... there was Twitter comedy as many Yankee fans just wanted a win and were making cracks here and here about our lack of energy. I tried to be funny, but it's hard when we leave 15 on base last night. FIFTEEN!
We couldn't get the big hit.  Our pitching in the late innings held the Sox for alittle bit, but it was a struggle when it came to our offense.

And so, I went to bed. I was emotionally exhausted and the game was still tied 5-5:
That was followed by one of my writers breaking my balls...
Ike's fired. I'M KIDDING!!!!

In the end, Chasen Shreve and Andrew Bailey couldn't handle the Red Sox and we lost the game 9-5.

And what do you want me to say? The Yankees had major opportunities last night.  Leaving 15 men on base is no way to win.  It's horrendous and embarrassing.  Now, blame is going to happen all around.  Most of you are gonna be all over Joe Girardi.  Girardi sometimes tinkers alittle too much, this is true, but he doesn't swing the bats.  The Yankees are in a slump, plain and simple.

Let me tell you something though... if the Yankees fail to reach the post season this year, and trust me, it's very possible, a head has to role, and that head could be Girardi's. Sometimes when you need to send a message, you need to go to the top.  Not sure how Steinbrenner feels about Cashman right now, but don't be surprised if his name comes up as well.

The Yankees are in a spot...a tough one.  Again, it's frustrating, annoying, call it whatever you want to call it.  I call it baseball, and sometimes in baseball, slumps happen. Sometimes, slumps happen at the wrong time too.  This series the Yankees did not show up, and that's unfortunate. It should not be that way... it just shouldn't.

Here's your final. Let's look to today for a win.

Final: Red Sox 9 - Yankees 5

It's killing me softly.

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