Saturday, October 10, 2015


Family is an important thing.  We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue are a family.  Yes, we deliver Yankee news and opinion to you everyday, but as many of you know right now, we celebrate the idea of family and friendships and the kindness that all of us possess. That is revealed in our pages nearly every day, and that's what makes us unique.  Why am I telling you this? I'll tell you...

I'm happy to introduce our first BYB baby to you all!  Since our birth 5 years ago... families grow. Much like ours here... so do others and so, please congratulate Mike O'Hara and his lovely wife on a job well done. Both baby and mom are doing great!

Also Mike... thanks for making me your son's Godfather...
I kid... I kid.

"And I hope that their first child be a masculine child." -- Luca Brasi

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