Thursday, October 1, 2015


I know... I'm gross... sue me.

Before tonight's win, you just didn't know what would happen with the Yanks.  I'll admit it, I was mad. I was strict with my request... "The Yankees need to win this game tonight, shake hands, hit the showers, shut the lights off in the Bronx, go home and get a good, hard cry in. No champagne. No celebration. Go home and cry it out.  That's because the Yankees are not playing like champions." You can read that in LOCK IT UP!

Bottom line... I was angry that my team was sucking the life out of me. Now, we won, not only that, it was  the 10,000 franchise victory, and you know what? I'm not mad anymore... that's big. Plus, we're going to the post season! All is forgotten. The Yankees have a shot and life is good for Yankee fans again.

The big moments tonight were done by the young guys.  Rob Refsnyder has been downright incredible since he was called up to replace Stephen Drew because of his dizzy spells. Greg Bird's been huge since he came up to help the team after Tex went down.  Dellin Betances... he shut the Sox down big tonight. 

Erica Morales was doing cart wheels... that's because she's obsessed with Betances... and that's not a bad thing.  The youngsters proved good, and while there were a hiccup or 2 near the end of the season, the fans wanted to keep the kids, and the kids did well!

We won tonight.  I'm not going over pitching, although, Adam Warren was great, and I'm not doing a play by play... we know the Yanks are in. What I will say is this; I'm happy.  I'm very happy the Yankees are in. I know you are too... so bottom line, as much as I was being a tight ass about the Yankees NOT celebrating... they should.  It's a long season.  It's important. 

Blow off some steam. Enjoy this.  You deserve it.

Final: Yankees 4 - Red Sox 1

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