Friday, October 30, 2015


The New York Mets don't have to win tonight, but they should win tonight.  That's basically what we have here as Game 3 of the World Series will happen tonight.  At the same time, I will monitoring my older boys as they will be wondering my town with toilet paper rolls and shaving cream having some harmless fun. It's Mischief night after all.  Except we called it Goosey Night where I lived growing up.

Last night my wife asked, "Are you gonna watch the World Series tomorrow night?"

"Sure", I'll watch alittle," I said.

You know I'm a baseball fan.  I appreciate good baseball.  I honestly don't care who wins. For me, it can be either, Mets or Royals.

Many of my Mets friends are quiet.  I don't engage them about the Mets right now, because I've been right there with them when the Yankees were against the ropes in those championship games.  It sucks.  You're thinking about it constantly and you are thinking about all these scenarios and second guessing your team and then at the same time, you smile and think... "We got this"... yet, you just don't know.   When I see my Mets friends these few days, I don't even mention the Mets.  They don't need the stress. I get it.

I did find this interesting though, and maybe it will make them feel better.  According to baseball history, and USA Today, the Mets are in good company:

"It’s not an impossible task, and one the Mets have pulled off famously before in 1986. That team is one of 11 who have come back from an 0-2 deficit to win a World Series. Adding further hope to the cause, seven of those 11 teams were from New York. The Yankees have battled back from 0-2 down four times in franchise history, while the aforementioned Mets, New York Giants, and Brooklyn Dodgers have also managed the feat..."

The Yankees did it 4 times, including 2 I remember well, 1978 and 1996.  and yes, the 1986 Mets did it too as the article explains.

So look, the Mets don't have to win tonight... but they kind of have to win.  As Frank the Tank said in Old School... "Nobody Freak out!"

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