Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Many of us in the greater Tri-State Area (NY, NJ & CT if you’re scoring at home) get our Sports Talk Radio fix from WFAN. The shows are great.  The have Boomer & Carton, Joe & Evan, Mike…(well, I liked him better with the Mad Dog) Francesa and Steve Somers. No matter who is on the air, I listen and enjoy. It’s true I feel they NEED to lose Suzyn Waldman…but that’s for another post. Goodness Gracious...

The reason I like the WFAN so much is by and large they call it like it is, quite similarly to Bleeding Yankee Blue.  They have their favorite teams, but have zero issue calling them out.  It’s great.

Recently, I was listening to Joe and Evan, Mets’ fans, and was truly thrilled to finally hear someone drop a truckload of reality on the club from Queens and their fans.  Hey look, the Mets are a good team.  They are.  No question.  BUT THEY ARE NOT AN ALL TIME GREAT TEAM.  Period.

One fan called in and ACTUALLY compared the current Metropolitan roster to the 1998 New York Yankees…. that’s the 1998 Yanks!  The 114 wins, swept everything, could play with the Big Red Machine Yankees.  Joe and Evan were having none of that.  Joe stated calmly that he is a life long Met guy, but needed to set this caller straight.  The two on-air personalities went on to explain that the 2015 aren’t even better than the 2015 Yankees. The Season series went to the Bombers 4-2. Fact!
Yes, the Mets staff is better, but games outside the NL East show that New York’s National League team is an average one.  The Phils, Braves and the Fish would probably finish outside the Final 4 of the College World Series.  The division is having an awful year. 

The Mets clinched, but they might not have a better record than the Yanks when all is said and done.  These were all points Joe and Evan made, I'm just repeating.  That was refreshing to hear.  They aren’t in the tank for the Mets.  They pull for them to win, but put facts before kooky talk.

Look, I get that Mets’ fans are excited and they should be.  Their boys are headed for October Baseball!  They have the pitching to go deep.  Their Captain is back and they went out and got that big hitting free agent.  They have a lot to be happy about…but breathe.  Count to 10, relax, and meditate.  Whatever you need to do.  Just don’t fly off the handle and call into WFAN.  Those guys are not going to validate crazy thoughts or delusional beliefs.  They talk sports, NEW YORK SPORTS.

Well done, gents.  G’luck to your Mets.

** A song about the Radio with some guys I like…that’s all. **

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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