Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Greg Bird is exactly what the Yankees needed down the stretch.  He's been a replacement for Mark Teixeira that has turned into something more.  Here's the question, what happens to Greg Bird next season? Where does he play? What are the Yankees going to do?

Look, the only reason Bird is even up is because Mark Teixeira got hurt.  He came up, happy to do whatever the Yankees needed.  Now he's the every day first baseman and there is no looking back.  In 34 games he has 10 home runs and 28 RBIs.  That means those homers have men on base. That means, he's been a delight for the Yankees and doing the job.  But with $23 million left on Mark Teixeira's contract for 2016, there is no question that Tex will get his playing time in 2016, and I'm not pushing him out. I just wanna know how this is gonna all fit?

Does, in Tex's last year of his contract, Bird take over the first base role permanently and Tex spends more time at DH?  More at bats? Get every ounce of power out of the Tex investment? Do they share time at first and eventually phase Tex out?  Look, if Bird can continue what he's been doing... the timing is right.  At the end of 2016, Mark walks off into the sunset and we don't have a hiccup at first... Bird will at that point be well established.

Bird went big last night, right when we needed it.  It was an amazing energy that Yankee fans needed to see and feel.  Sure, a healthy Tex could have done it too. But I don't know man... there was something more electric about that Bird home run last night. It wasn't just a 3 run homer... it was the Yankees future... and it's exciting.  Speaking of Yankees future... look at that photo above. Notice anything interesting? I do... no veterans. The future is here.

What do you think happens with Tex and Bird in 2016?  Comment.

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