Saturday, September 12, 2015


This isn't a contest, but I did want to reach out to my BYB readers because my Uncle is having a helluva time trying to figure out who this New York Yankee is.

You see, he's has had this picture for years, and for years, he's been racking his brain trying to figure out which player it is.  Sadly, I can't tell either, but here's what I was thinking when I was looking at it.

For one, the player looks like he's swinging a bat. Doesn't he? To me, he looks like he's a left-handed batter swinging through, and the only reason why I say that is because of his grimace.  You know that grimace... it's right around the moment your eyes get big enough and you connect with the sweet spot to the ball.

I was searching the web. I thought MAYBE, it's Mickey Mantle.  In this picture of Mickey Mantle, the grimace looks similar, but from the opposite side of the plate.  Remember, Mantle was a switch hitter.  Plus, look at those forearms. Similar. That's what I think at least. What do you think?

Then I thought maybe the player isn't swinging at all.  Maybe it's a skipper like Joe McCarthy, the former manager of the Yankees.  Maybe he's in a dugout. His arms are out. Are they leaning on the railing or something. Hey, maybe Ralph Houk? Ahh! It's driving me crazy!

I showed my buddy yesterday. He looked at it and immediately said, Yogi Berra ... and he's swinging a bat. But after further review, it just doesn't look like Yogi.  Look at the way the arms are coming toward the ball. Look at the picture above. To me, and them to my buddy, it just didn't look like a "Yogi-type" swing.

So, I... and my Uncle are wondering... who the hell is this guy?  Is it a Yankee?  The uniform sort of looks like a Yankee uniform.  Could it be Mickey Mantle? Have you ever seen the photo before? What do you think?

I'll tell you what... In an event to put this thing to bed once and for all, I am willing to part with a Bleeding Yankee Blue, size LARGE T-shirt if you can help us find the identity of this baseball player.  I'd love if someone could find the exact photo and description online so we can get a link to it.  Maybe, if you can find it in a history book, take a picture of it.  We really want to know who this athlete is, and like I said, I'll give you a Large Bleeding Yankee Blue T-shirt! I'll even throw in a few wristbands.

Help us out! Thanks!

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