Friday, September 4, 2015


Sure, this I don't get to do this all the time, but I do it when I can and for good reason.  Bleeding Yankee Blue has expanded as you know, and we have some of the greatest writers on the web. That's a fact. One of them is Erica Morales. My friend. Someone I consider family. She's a hardworking woman, a mother, a wife and a staple in the #BYB family.  Guess what ladies and gentlemen... it's her birthday today.  So, whether you know Erica personally, or read her daily, it would be smart to reach out and wish Erica a Happy Birthday.  She deserves the best day ever.

There are so many times that I needed to lean on my writers.  I have told you all before, that life comes first, and many times, we are all running around doing our thing.  Sometimes writing doesn't come easy or we just can't find the time.  But if I need a hand, if I need to get something on the pages of BYB because of breaking news, in-depth anaylsis, whatever it is, one woman is always there, despite her schedule with her kids, her busy life and husband.  That's Erica Morales. Always.

I will always be touched by this picture of Erica, sleeping in front of her computer trying to make deadline for you!  Let that seep in... that's dedication.
I am taken by her drive.  I am taken with her character, and I consider her one of my favorite people to date.  She blows me away.  I once called her to cover the Joe Torre Gala back in 2013.  She shot downtown and covered it like a champ, standing in a gaggle with veteran writers, and side by side with Andrew McCarron, Pete Caldera, Andrew Marchand and Wally Matthews.  She's amazing and I just wanted to take this moment to wish her a Happy, Happy Birthday.
E, you're one of the great ones in this thing called blogging. You've become a personality that people look for on the daily. You've done it girl!  Never lose your heart. Always push to the next level.  Yes... it's a grind, but you make it look easy... and from all of us here at BYB, we're not the same site without you here... Keep grinding my friend.

Love, Casey

Wish Erica a Happy Birthday today: @e_morales1804

I'll let Spongebob Take us out...

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