Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Well obviously the first thing we expect is that he shaves.  Obviously he did, this picture was a photo shop brought to us by MiLB. Geniuses over there, and I say that with sarcasm. Everyone knows that this would never stand in New York. A shock to our systems.  The truth is, Ackley played with the Yanks and shaved.

That's better.

I didn't like how and why we got Dustin Ackley at the trade deadline and I sure as heck didn't like the way Ackley got hurt so quickly. Not the mince words, and I won't... the whole thing sucked.  Hey, it's not Ackley's fault. Getting an injury after just a few at bats is nothing he could have controlled, and the fact that the Yankees didn't get a starting pitcher was on the Yankees.  In fact, if we do not win in the playoffs... assuming we get there, we can all look back at the Dustin Ackley deadline trade and remember that it was the best the Yankees could do. 

(In Photo: Greg Bird)
The reason would be simple of course. We didn't want to trade away Aaron Judge, Luis Severino and Greg Bird... that's what every team wanted.  The Blue Jays got Troy Tulowitzki and David Price.  We got Dustin Ackley.

Ackley's in the lineup tonight and he's playing leftfield. What will we see from the guy? Well, he was a hot player early on his career, and what I'm hoping for the most is that leaving Seattle, and entering the Bronx, he can almost rejuvenate himself.

With Seattle in 2015, he was batting .215 with 186 at bats.  He had 6 homers and 19 RBIs.  He's not a speed demon, his on base percentage is .270.  In other words, the Yankees are hoping that can turn around.  He plays outfield and can play 2nd base if we need him too.

With the Railriders, he was 8-17 with a .471 Average.  Me likey.

Do I expect big things from Ackley?  Many don't. I do.  I expect a change of scenery to do this kid good.  I expect Brendan Ryan to help his former Seattle teammate out and I believe that maybe he can be a sparkplug.

Would I have rather had pitching at the trade deadline? You're God Damn right I would.  But I also understand that we didn't want to part with the kids. It is what it is.

Here we go Ackley... no pressure.

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