Monday, September 7, 2015


Small story, but something you should know about, brought to you by George King III and the New York Post this morning. It has to do with CC Sabathia, the bum knee and a brace.  Yup, a brace:

"The brace is expected to resolve that issue.

“The brace keeps the knee there,” Sabathia said. “As long as it does its job, I’ll be fine.”

The biggest challenge he has faced is trying not to alter his delivery because of the discomfort.

'That’s always the hardest thing to do — ask any pitcher in the big leagues — is to repeat that delivery,' Sabathia said. 'But when something’s hurting, it’s even harder. Just to know I can get there and get to where I need to get to with my leg [makes me] feel comfortable.'"

So CC will use a brace when he pitches.  Hopefully that can help him.  After all, during a recent simulated game, CC felt no pain and said he was ready. The plan would be the pitch Wednesday night against the Orioles... back in the starting rotation.

Good for CC, glad to have him back.  By the way, if you think CC should be a starter or reliever upon his return, we want to hear from you. Vote in our poll in the right side of BYB.  Vote now, and we'll do a post on the results when it's complete.

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