Thursday, September 3, 2015


Remember when the Yankees were thinking about putting Alex Rodriguez at first base some games this season just in case they needed to give Mark Teixeira a rest, or if he was hurt, and this way he'd get alittle playing time rather than just being our regular, full time DH.  That's not happening.

Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record has the story:

"'I just don’t think Alex is ready to do it,' said manager Joe Girardi. 'Maybe if it were in an emergency or if he worked at [the position] for a couple of weeks, he might be comfortable doing it. But I don’t see that he’s comfortable there.'

General manager Brian Cashman wasn’t comfortable with A-Rod as a first baseman, either. The GM voiced those concerns publicly, though he conceded Girardi’s need to consider outside-the-box options with Mark Teixeira sidelined indefinitely due to a badly bruised right shin.

But A-Rod essentially has been a designated hitter all season and 'he has not had a lot of work' at first base, Girardi said."

I applaud the Yankees on this move.  Sure, you can throw ARod out there, but there hasn't been much work in that spot, plus you have Greg Bird there and he's handling first wonderfully.  Hey, once in a while, give Chase Headley as day off at third and throw ARod there... or don't. Whatever works, but if you don't need ARod at first, don't put him there.  Remember Gary Sheffield at first? Me too...

Some things you just don't do.

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