Monday, August 10, 2015


I don’t hate the New York Mets.  I don’t consider them a true rival the way the Red Sox are to the Bronx Bombers.  I don’t see the anger and hate that the Royals and Yankees had in the late 70’s.  The Mets are simply the Mets.  They are the National League team in the City.  They have a great new ballpark (nicer than ours I’m afraid) and one hell of a young, talented pitching staff.  There, I’ve given them their due.  Right?  No?  I should go on like every “Baseball Expert”?  Nah, I’m done.  Thanks though.

It would seem, after sweeping the underachieving Nationals a few days ago, that the Metropolitans are the ONLY TEAM IN NEW YORK.  That other club that is in 1st place in the AL East…what do they have to be excited about?  Yes, they are in 1st place.  Yes, they just put up bigger numbers on their recent 10 game road trip than the income of some small countries…but so what?  The Mets are NEW YORK BASEBALL.  The Yankees? Well, that’s like rooting for Apple Computers.  The Mets are the heart and soul of the Big Apple…just ask their fans.

Fear not Bronx Faithful.  The NEW YORK YANKEES ARE THE TEAM OF THIS GREAT CITY…The Mets rent space.  The Mets are abysmally run.  The Wilpons are lousy at nearly everything they do.  That is NOT the Yankees fault.  The Mets ARE a big market team.  The Mets have Sandy Alderson at GM…he is fairly worthless too.  Met fans consider the Yankees a rival, because Met fans are much like the owner and GM in their front office.  I am tried of the hearing about the Mets and their false “Working Class Hero” mantra.  They are just not a well-run organization.  That’s it.  They could have a great season.  I wish them the best.  I don’t lose sleep about what happens in Queens.  I simply don’t care.

Seinfeld is a Mets fan…so is Kevin James.  Congrats.  I still don’t care.

What I do care about is the way the Mets and their fans present themselves.  You aren’t the Cubs.  You don’t have the charm of the Lovable Losers from Chicago’s North Side.  You aren’t the rag tag Phils of 1993.

You don’t look or play that way.  You’re not a team of destiny like the Red Sox of 2004.  You are just the Mets.  Your fans had given up on you until the recent trade and series against Bryce Harper.  Win the NL East! Or lose it!  You guys are more like Philadelphia Eagles’ fans than… PHILADELPHIA EAGLES FANS!!  They talk Super Bowl on the Saturday before the opening NFL game and then call for the coach’s head on the following Monday.  And they, like you, feel they DESERVE a winning team and title…you don’t and neither do they.

For the love of Mookie Wilson, get over yourselves!

As a Yankee fan I’m always told it’s easy for me to like my team.  I remind my foolish friends that I didn’t jump trains in the mid 80’s.
I’m a Yankee fan and will always be a Yankee fan, win or lose.  Sure, I want the Yanks to win every year.  That’s the culture the Yankees have developed since before I was born…it’s a good thing. To quote a recent Yankee, “If you compete, you want to win.” Maybe if the Met fans weren’t snarky, self-righteous Sorority girls they’d see its baseball…just baseball.  It’s a game to enjoy…not a “have and have not” social status argument and life crisis.

Congratulations to the 1st Place New York Mets and their fans.  (Takes off their collective Mets’ cap and tussles their hair as a big brother would.) Good for you, sport.

 ** Not my favorite song…but then again it’s for the New York Mets and…well,…**

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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